Monday, November 2, 2009

Making The Cut

I know...I've been very neglectful this last week...sorry :(

Currently I'm battling a nasty little cold that's going to cause my nose to either run itself to ruin or blow itself to oblivion *waah!* Other than the cold that I'm wrestling with, all else is going pretty well healthwise. Bex and I have completed week 4 of our exercise and nutrition program and are now embarking on week 5. This week I'm am reassessing our diets and work-outs. As soon as my assessment is done, I will probably change things up to get our motors running at full throttle.
I'm re-reading Jillian Michaels "Making the Cut" and seeing if this is going to be the new direction we will embark on in our fitness plan. I read it once before and was very intimidated by it, but this time around, I think I can tackle it head on...even if I don't know what half the exercises mentioned in the book No but seriously, the book is pretty good at instructing you what each exercise is and how to do it, and Jill gives you a detailed program to follow which takes most of the guess work out of the equation. I feel like this may be the boost we need to get our muscles screaming and our bodies toning. We've both had success so far on our current regiment with a 9-10 lb. loss for each of us, but now it's time to crank it up a notch and take it even further. Bex and I both have really fab fitness goals that we want to achieve, and perhaps Jillian can help get us there... For the first time in my life, I feel really empowered (even in my sick-y, cold-y, state of mind), so empowered by what Bex and I have achieved in these past four weeks that I feel like we can accomplish anything. I know we can do this hardcore program of JM's and really kick some @$$!!!...yeah, even WITH a cold! The rule for working out while sick is neck up is fine, neck down, stay I'm fine to hit the gym unless the cold travels south. Also when sick, make sure to drink tons o' water and get lots of good sleep (which is a no brainer, but it's me with my insane schedule, which isn't so crazy this week...Thank God.)
On the singing front, I leave for Hungary in 10 days and will return on the 18th. Hopefully I can get my butt extra healthy so that I survive the jet lag and all the germs that come with planes and traveling. Eating healthy over there is going to be a little bit tricky, but I'll try to figure out how to salvage that when I'm there and see the options. For exercise, I'll probably not have access to a gym, but I think I can pack some hand weights, grab my portable DVD player and bring along my Jillian Michaels' dvd's in order to have my butt kicked while on my working vacation...oh yeah, that reminds me that I need to buy an adapter for all my plug-in thingies for over there.
Originally, "Boheme" rehearsals were to begin this month with Opera Manhattan, but instead our show has been switch with "Hansel & Gretel", so now they're in December and we're in April. No just gives me more time to recover from my cold and more time to solidify my role as Musetta. Plus H&G is such a lovely opera to do for the Christmas Holidays, even if it is a bit scary...that's right, it can be a terrifying story if done right :)
Ok, so now I'm off to doing some day job work...and a little H&G production stuff. Have a great day, and get your flu shot!

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