Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Swamp Thing

I'm a snarling, mucus covered thing from the swamps of Louisiana...I am Swamp Thing...or at least that's how I feel with the way my nose keeps running...ugh! I hate being sick...I mean who actually enjoys it? I just want to go home and sleep until it all passes.

I did work-out yesterday, even with the constant drip, drip, dripping of my breathing passages...it wasn't so bad. In fact I actually felt better for a while after my work-out, but then by the time I got home and was laying on the couch, I collapsed by 8pm. At 8:30pm I forced myself to wake-up and stay awake until 10pm so that I wouldn't mess up my sleep cycle...now I wish I had put myself to bed at 8. I have a feeling I could have used the sleep.

Today I feel worse, so my cold is progressing and hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow. I really just want to go home early and rest, I'm having serious problems just keeping my head up at my desk. Unfortunately, leaving early is not much of an option with me being the only assistant in this area today (and yesterday). I'm also supposed to do cardio today...I don't know how I'm going to get through that...I'll just have to gage myself and keep my heart rate up as much as possible. *whine, grumble, whine*

I cancelled my vocal coaching yesterday, and I may have to cancel my lesson for tomorrow, but I hate to do that, what if I'm better and would benefit from it? Cancelling lessons is always a tricky call. You want to show your dedication to the craft, and to your teacher, but you also don't want to get your teacher sick...plus, you have to learn to sing through illness, because as much as you'd like to think you'll always be in perfect health, you're not, and you have to learn to sing through it...and by you, I mean me :) I'll discuss with the Maestro and ask his opinion since he plays for my teacher and my lessons...he always gives pretty sound advice.

I still haven't finished re-reading Jillian's "Making the Cut" but I'm almost there. I just wonder if it's worth starting a 30 day program with me leaving for Hungary in 9 days. I don't know if I could maintain such a structured program in a different country with cuisines that I can't even pronounce. That's something I'm really going to have to look into and discuss with my program partner Bex.

As you can tell I'm not in the most decisive frame of mind today. Everything's so blurry, sneezy and runny that I can't hardly think, much less make a decision...this weird sickness fog has go to pass...I really do feel lousy.

Other than my whining, I don't have much to say in the way of motivation or inspiration...but have a good day anyways :)


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