Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Just a quick Bloggy McBlog.

Day 3 back on the healthy eating and have found much success so far hem...regularity with the added green veggies in my diet.

Day 3 of not drinking any soda especially my precious Diet Dr. Pepper...this one's a toughie to give up.

I went for an hour long walk in the lovely weather today for my "lunch hour" :)

And I plan on getting some nice sleep this evening, assuming I get out of jingle singing rehearsal at a decent hour *hope of all hopes*

Oh and Madama Butterfly opens tomorrow night and then on Friday on my evening "off" I'm going to see my girl Challis' off-broadway play W;t . So wish everyone "break a leg" or "toi, toi, toi."

Have a great day peeps.
PS...the above pic is of our Cio Cio San in her make-up and wig :)