Wednesday, November 14, 2007

On the Road Again...

I love that song by Willie Nelson (On the Road Again...) its so melodic and catchy. Well I'm on the road again back down the scale. Ok...I know, I's not all about the scale weight. I do realize that, but it's such a nice reaffirmation that something's happening and changing. I've found that most people are terrible at judging what they really look like. It's so hard to see you're body change, because we're so used to seeing ourselves everyday, so the little changes go unnoticed...and those little changes add up and make big changes, and before you know it, you're slipping into a pair of jeans that you never thought would fit...or on the downside, you've gained so much weight that you don't recognize yourself anymore. I have to remember that on this journey to a healthy takes one step at a time to get where you're going. I can do that...I can take each step as it comes and eventually I'll get there, and if I slip up a bit, I can just get right back up and continue on. Don't you love metaphoric reasoning....makes one feel clever about Another nice noticeable change is when Jake (the boyfriend) comments on how easy it is now to put one arm around me and pull me to him or that my legs look and feel curvier & firmer. This is a man who works people out for a living and is surrounded by hot chics in the gym all it's nice that it's me he notices and wants still (actually even more *eh hem*). If that doesn't keep a girl focused, I don't know what

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