Monday, November 5, 2007

In a Room Full of Personal Trainers.

I had a really good weekend, despite working myself to death in the packing department. We got my friend Rebecca packed up and ready to move out by a decent hour on Saturday...enough time infact to go and have a lovely dinner with her and my honey Jake at the swanky little restaurant, Dumont in Williamsburg. I had some delish Roast Chicken w/au jous and sauteed spinach, Rebecca had their famous burger, and Jake had the butternut squash bisque w/chestnuts & mushrooms and their mixed green salad w/pecans & blue cheese...a most delightful and satisfying evening.

Sunday I actually slept late, then had my favorite brunch omelet. The omelet was just as good as I remembered, however they've changed the mixed green salad :( It is no longer mixed greens with a lemon vinaigrette, but has now had other veggies added with an orange citrus dressing (which tasted as if it had too much sugar mixed in, so I sent it back and was truly saddened that they had messed with their previous perfection.) So I ate the yummy omelet and had a nice apple sage breakfast sausage on the side. I sure hope they go back to the original mixed green salad...I mean who needs the added stuff and sugar?

On Friday night, after Rebecca and I had reached a stopping point on her packing, we went into the City to meet our honeys who just happened to be at two different bars that were only 5 blocks from each other. Her boyfriend Jason was with the production staff of the Theatre he works at and my Jake was at a birthday party with a bunch of personal trainers. I spent a few minutes with Jason and Rebecca, but after watching them make googly eyes each other, I longed for my own honey, so I excused myself and meandered down to where Jake was partying the night away. Once there and into the mix, I realized that I was in a room full of personal trainers...and you know what?...I felt really confident about myself. I wasn't sitting there comparing my abs to someone else's, nor was I thinking "am I the fattest one in the room?" I really felt good and comfy in my own skin...not to mention I was wearing a pair of "goal" jeans that I bought over 3 years ago and Rebecca had found as we were packing her stuff. I had given them to her a year or so ago after resigning that I would never be able to get them over my fat thighs. Yet, that milestone had been met on Friday night. I slipped them on and they buttoned easily and fit perfectly...I was wearing my goal jeans! All the hard work has and is paying off! And I felt like a goddess in my goal jeans and wasn't the least bit phased by the room full of people that get paid for working others out...infact, I felt like one of the most beautiful people there.

Meeting that goal was such a nice incentive to keep going and I guess it's now time to buy the next pair of goal jeans!

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Valerie said...

Okay, that is just absolutely fabulous! The only thing better than fitting into a goal outfit is feeling good about yourself. Awesome, very inspiring, I hope you gave yourself a HUGE pat on the back. :-) Kudos!