Friday, November 30, 2007

Staying Positive

Just a quick bit of blogging today...I'm definitely being a "woman" today and that has left my immune system compromised. My boyfriend has a cold and I feel I'm coming down with something. So I'm doing everything I can not to get sick. I'm avoiding sugar, eating my nuts and yogurt and taking my vitamins. Wish me luck at not getting sick, I can't afford this one week before the big opening night...I guess rest and relaxation is all there is left to do to protect myself....yeah, wish me luck on that

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Valerie said...

Ooh...definitely sending you lots of healthy wishes! Not the time to get sick, definitely.

We are passing the cold around here too, and I'm doing the same thing you are, just trying to fight it off with healthy foods, vitamins and as much rest as possible. Hopefully it will be enough.

Hang in there! Want some of my Stresstabs? :-)