Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Burlesque and Opera?

I'm going to an event tonight where all they serve are hors d'œuvre and cocktails followed by Jennifer Holliday performing in a cabaret setting (She's one of the original Dreamgirls). It promises to be a fun night, however it also promises to be a night of temptation. What kind of hors d'œuvre are they serving?...Generally not much of a healthy choice in that department, and cocktails are certainly not on my diet. So the plan: Go and get the tickets for the cabaret and then go find a healthy dinner (while avoiding the cocktail hour), followed up by arriving just in time to see Jennifer Holliday perform. So now to figure out where to go have dinner...something that I can stay on my eating plan with. You'd think finding lean protein and veggies would be easy, but surprisingly, alot of restaurants cook hidden flours and fats into your food...so be aware and beware...lol!

Today I found out about the rewrites of the next show I'll be doing. In December, I'll be performing the role of Madame Goldentrill in Mozart's The Impresario. HOWEVER, they've completely rewritten the script (the music will stay the same...high, fast and hard) but now Mme. Goldentrill has been renamed Fifi LaFleur...and no longer is she an old time opera diva, but is now a burlesque fan dancer trying to get into opera. That's right kids, I just found out that I'll be doing a striptease w/big fans and nothing but a nude bodystocking on. Talk about incentive! I'm definitely sticking to my diet and I'm going to work-out so hard, my sweat will hurt! OMG, talk about a time to not be a fat opera singer...woah...ok, and now breathing. Heck, maybe I'll be in such great shape, that I'll really do it in the nude...NOT! LOL...so I guess the question is...Can Opera and Burlesque coexist and be successful in the same production? It worked for Vaudeville, guess it's just a natural progression for Opera? I won't go into the artistic meaning and seriousness of opera...I truly believe if Mozart was alive today, he'd be all for the change. I mean knowing what we do know about him, he would truly appreciate the bawdy humor and the idea of nudity. And besides, it is still opera...they won't go over the edge in bad taste...the opera world is known for being reserved, so how "bad" can it get?...exactly...so nothing to worry about except how good I look in that bodysuit. ;)

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