Thursday, November 8, 2007

Howard Hughes meets Hugh Hefner

I know you're thinking what's with the title...well that's what I'm considering my mantra for the next month as I prepare for my upcoming performances...Where Howard Hughes meets Hugh Hefner (say hello gentlemen). Ok, EXPLANATION: Howard Hughes, because I need to be a total germ-a-phobe (is that a word?) for the next month, so that I don't get sick before, during, or after the show...I mean I do live in NYC and it's a pretty germy that means lots of hand washing, and covering of my mouth and nose while in public (seeing as how I can't avoid the public). Hugh Hefner, because well, I AM doing a bit of burlesque in the upcoming Opera, so I'll be thinking of trying to get into playboy bunny shape (curvy, soft, and svelte). And it doesn't hurt that both men were pretty good looking young men...I just want an excuse to ogle their pictures ;)

My first rehearsal for The Impresario was last night and I have to say it went pretty well. I felt well prepared and in good voice. So my confidence is way up concerning the outcome of my performances in this should really be a HOOT! The little criticism I got from the Maestro, I found actually constructive and encouraging. I was accused of singing too big and, a lyric coloratura too big and loud? there truly such a thing?...Joan Sutherland would be proud!...and so will my voice teacher. It's nice to be told to back-off for once in the realm of opera singing...I never dreamed I'd hear that from really tickles me and makes me realize that I truly am progressing vocally...nice to know I'm finding the power in my voice. I should be heard nicely in the theatre I think...I'm really excited about this opportunity and showing my (of course I'm referring to my acting & singing abilities *wink, wink*)

Ok, kids I'm off to lunch. This is where it gets hard...going out to a restaurant and finding something that's on your usually takes some tweaking when you order, but they're usually obliging. Thursdays I usually do lunch with a friend, it's the only day I don't work out at that means finding time elsewhere in my day. I can make it happen...there's nothing I can't do if I put my mind to it! Hey as Mike Ditka would say:

You're never a loser until you quit trying.

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