Monday, November 19, 2007

Great Expectations

Great Expectations, that was a great book...However I don't have any for this coming Thanksgiving week. I'm not a masochist...I will totally eat and enjoy Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings and then go back on my diet afterwards. I'll also make sure that I get in exercise to help burn all the excess calories I plan on ingesting this coming week. I'm actually looking forward...I sure do love Turkey & stuffing w/candied yams and green bean casarole...mmm...this has to be one of my favorite Holidays...but I also have to remember not to go "hog wild" with the eating either. Not only because of the caloric intake, but mainly because my body is just not used to eating so much in one sitting anymore...I don't want to be sick from dinner, so I'll take it slow and eat small portions while enjoying the taste :)

The weekend was good nutritionally, but not exercise wise. I was so swamped with rehearsals and recitals, that I didn't have anytime to work on me...however I stuck to my eating plan and avoided the dreaded breads, potatoes and empty carbs that come with going out and eating at events with others. The only "cheats" I had were some red wine and some chestnuts (mmm). I know what you're wondering: Are chestnuts really a cheat? Unfortunately they're equivalent to eating brown rice as opposed to say, almonds. So it wasn't a terrible cheat, however it wasn't perfection. But like I said in the above paragraph, I'm not setting impossible expectations for myself at this moment, I will enjoy the holidays in moderation.

Today's plan includes going to the gym at lunch and eating really lean all day until my dinner date with a friend. I never know what I'm going to find at restaurants, but I can usually stick to my diet. Wish me luck and good choices!

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