Tuesday, November 13, 2007

And That's Why They're Called Myths!

So the Mythical number has gone the way of the unicorn or the leprechaun...non-existent *sigh*. I've gained 3 lbs in two days? What went wrong? I know, I know...nothing...it's how the fickle female body is...We gain water or muscle or any number of other things in a given day and we totally freak! At least I'm totally freaking...wahhhhh. Ok, now to dry my eyes and pull myself up by the boot straps, we won't let this get us down! We will win the battle of the bulge and take no prisoners. Those 3 lbs. will be history by this weekend or I'll...um...I'll...oh, I know...do 300 crunches! That's constructive :) I should really be working my core anyway.

On a funnier note...the Burlesque Rehearsal went well last night. This show is really going to be a treat in the world of opera...or at least a few laughs.

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