Thursday, December 20, 2007

Uphill Battle

I feel as if I'm fighting an uphill battle at this point. With finances running thin and the offers of free lunch, how does one say no...I mean that's at least $20 bucks I can save towards purchasing a gift or paying a bill. Unfortunately the lunches provided are not the healthiest, generally consisting of a pasta, a fried something, or a fatty sandwich...even the vegetarian options are slathered with cheeses and condiments. How does one win in this situation unless one abstains. So I've resigned to trying not to eat many goodies, but to eat what I like in moderation. I also know that once this week is over, it'll be time to detox something major (Hello Phase I). I actually can't wait. My body has been screaming at me for eating off my program lately and no wonder I have this lingering cold (or whatever it is) for the past 3 weeks now.

On that note: I had a voice lesson last night and I hadn't realized how out of shape physically and vocally I had gotten in the past 3 weeks. Being sick really takes a toll on the voice and I felt like I was relearning how to sing last night. My teacher also stated that I allow too many people to get into my head about singing, and that a vocalist must be strong and confident in their technique and ner be swayed from it, no matter who's doing the to the devil with the Maestros...she makes a good point, that the greats, especially the current Russian crop of singers would be damned before allowing anyone to screw with their technique. I mean you are hired based on how well you sing, so who has the right to try and change it once contracted? I originally come from the world of Musical Theatre, and in that world you do what you're told...or you don't work...but apparently in the Opera World, you smile, say yes Maestro or Herr Direktor and keep on doing what it is that you do well. Same with coaches...there seems to be a big faux pas that's happening in the coaching realm of the Opera World, with coaches trying to give technique notes...No're a're job is to make sure my diction, notes, rhythm, and dramatics are accurate, but screw with my technique and we're done! It sounds a bit bitchy and diva-esque, but you have to protect your instrument...and if singing the words is causing vocal stress then it's up to you as the singer to correct it until it sounds & feels right (you may have to correct this with your teacher). A general rule is...if it hurts, don't do it! You could do some major vocal damage otherwise.

Alright, enough ranting...I've got to study my French before my coaching this evening...oy!


Anonymous said...

does this blog belong to a certain cute redhead I know? hmmmm :)
Love it!!!

Anonymous said...

study your French!! Quit blogging!! hehe, just kidding! muah

Valerie said...

I would have to completely agree with this artist would allow a commissioner to dictate points of style; after all, it is your style that makes you the artist you are! So bombs away, to hell with the Maestros indeed! :-)