Friday, December 21, 2007

OMG it's Friday!!!'s finally Friday 12/21...the day that I've been trying to make it to and through. The day where I can finally take the Holiday off as soon as they release us from our desks. Did I mention that besides being an Opera Singer, I also work a day job in order to supplement my finances. It turns out that I'm a rather quick & efficient assistant...I get all my work done so fast that it leaves me time to do things like write in my blog and study my music and languages :) I truly do have the best boss ever (He knows that I study and he's totally cool with it...such a great guy). As soon as the clock ticks to 12:30 noonish we have an inner-office party with actual libations...but seriously, people are already partying and enjoying some holiday cheer.

I decided to make gifts this year, so I made little gift bags of sugar-free, low carb, low-cal. Spiced Chai mix to enjoy with Hot Water or Milk...hopefully my friends and colleagues will appreciate this...I'm giving them a warm, soothing gift that they can enjoy without adding to their seems a bit chintzy, but it was made with love and consideration. I personally enjoyed a cup last night w/some splenda was delish.

So now off to finish some "work" and prepare myself for a nice Holiday of reclusiveness and rest (if possible).

Happy Holidays to All!