Thursday, December 13, 2007

Any Inspiration Out There?

I keep telling myself I just have to make it through the 15th of the month and then I can "rest"...which means, once the Christmas show is over I don't have to be at the theatre every night. Not that I don't love being there, but a girl can only do so much and boy am I tired! There is some good news, I'm auditioning for another production of Mozart's The Impresario, so hopefully I'll get the role and be able to sing it again, this time well! Wish me luck, I audition for The Bronx Opera Jan. 14th :) I also have been invited to sing in The Liederkranz Foundation Vocal Competition on Jan. 7th...this means polishing new rep. and dusting off some old in order to meet the 6 aria in at least 4 different languages much for rest huh?

It seems that I've gotten everyone sick with whatever it is I had the past couple of weeks...including the Maestro of my past and current show...I hope everyone remembers to rest and take their vitamins (and of course get better soon)...

Other than that, I'm finding it hard to get back on my diet...I just want to eat whatever...not sweets necessarily, but things like bread and rice which are a big no no on Phase I. I may allow myself to eat those things in a healthy modified version and wait to cut them out until next I said, I just have to get through the 15th, so I'll get completely well and then restrict my diet again starting on to just make myself go to the gym and work out...ugh! Wow...I'm such a whiny B!+ch today.


Valerie said...

You're not whiny, darlin', you're just tired and stressed and need some rest!

It's so very hard to focus on eating well or doing anything that requires any self-restraint, when all your energy is going into just getting through the day and getting done all the things you HAVE to get done. It's what I'm struggling with right now as well.

I would strive to moderate and keep things reasonable, but don't attempt massive self-deprivation right now. Don't tell yourself "I cannot have any of that" because it's going to breed cravings. Have a little, recognize it as something you probably don't want to go nuts with but not something forbidden, and then have something healthy too. At least, that's what I'm far, I haven't gained, which is good I guess. I don't know if I'll manage any more loss before Christmas which makes me a little sad...but you can only do what you can do, right?

Hang in there...the season's almost over! :-)

BeckStein said...

Thanks Val,

It's true...I have been a bit over worked. I've been good so far today however...I went to the gym and circuit trained and I've stuck to my diet even though the office is being inundated with goodies & pastries...Ahhhhh!

Anonymous said...

You totally rock! We have the goodies issue here too...junk food EVERYWHERE. I was not good last week and I'm trying extra hard today as a result. Someone did actually bring a veggie tray in, for a wonder, so I'm making inroads on that. Tough to eat that instead of the lovely cherry cheesecake thing; I'm dying for that 7 pound loss though.

If I can exercise the way you are though, it might happen! We have two weeks to go, we'll just have to make them count.

Valerie said...

Okay, that last one was me but it wouldn't take my name for some reason. :-(


Anonymous said...

dude, what time is your Liederkranz? Mine is at 3:30 ish on the 7th.