Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Taking Control

So I'm back, and exhausted. Sadly I just couldn't shake the cold (or whatever it is) that's been growing and had to just sing through it this weekend. I didn't feel I did my best, it's hard to sing high E's & F's on swollen vocal chords that are inside an inflamed mouth with a swollen tongue...yeah, not good. I just have the worst luck this time of year with illness. I know it's due to the fact that we do to much, and then you add family visiting on top of rehearsals and working a day job, and blamo, you're immune system crashes and burns. So now I'm trying to rest up and get back to not feeling so overly exhausted. My last performance for awhile is this weekend's Christmas show and once that's done, I can "rest"...which means just work my day job, and get ready for the competitions and auditions I have coming up while learning new repertoire.

On another note, tis the season of goodies in the office everyday. The baskets of treats are coming in, the donuts are arriving and the lunches are catered...not to mention all the holiday parties. Yeah, definitely no healthy choices around here. So I'm bringing in my almonds and my 2% string cheese for snacks and I'm making plans to do healthy lunches with my family who is visiting and work-out sessions with my friends...we will get through this holiday relatively unscathed if possible, and plus I have a 7 lb. weight loss goal to meet before Jan. 1st! I will get there, but I have to admit, this has been hard since Thanksgiving. At least I haven't gained any weight back...just keep me away from those donuts...they look stale anyway ;)

Now if I can just get a nice massage to undo the knots that have stayed present in my neck, shoulders and upper back, then I'll feel much better and rested I think.

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Valerie said...

Oh, Bex...I was so hoping the cold would have been gone before the Week! :-( I hate that such a big occasion was marred by illness...I've tried to sing with a cold (though not opera!) and I feel for you, it must have been excruciating, not just physically but mentally. It sucks so much to know that people won't get to hear how good you REALLY are...

I think it's awesome that you haven't gained - being sick alone makes it hard to stick to a program, and having such a stressful week would blow most people out of the water. You definitely deserve that massage, I hope you get it.

I figured today that we have 19 days before the 1st, to make that 7-pound goal. Tough, but I know we can do it! (And the bottom line is, even if we only lost, say, 5 pounds, that would still put us 12 pounds ahead of the average 7-pound GAIN. So we'll still have proven our point!) I'm with you - too many goodies in the office, but we don't have to eat them. It's really is...but not impossible.

So I'm with you, sister! Get your massage and give yourself some much-needed rest.