Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Nowhere to Run to Baby

I used to look forward to the holidays...really I did, but that was before I became weight obsessed, sleep deprived, and financially independent...so I believe that was at the ripe old age of 6. Now I dread the holiday parties with the bubbly flowing & the passed hors'durves and the catered lunches with the pastry platters and the gifts of cheeses & chocolates coming in nonstop! Ahhhh...there's nowhere to run and hide until it's all over. No wonder Americans gain 7 lbs. between Thanksgiving & New Years, we're inundated with food, no, not just food...fattening food brimming with lard, butter, sugar and empty carbs all decorated with a glaze, sprinkle and spackling of chocolate & whipped cream. I can't gain the 7...I must lose the 7 by Jan. 1st...I've got major competitions & auditions coming up and I must be at my vocal, mental and physical best! So I will do my best to stay away from temptation and keep pushing myself to work-out and get proper rest...and boy could I use a nap right now - seriously.

Tonight I go to yet another Holiday Party, this time for the staff & board members of my opera company...and since I've been helping out with hair, make-up & wardrobe, I got an invite :) That's great for networking and it's nice to be appreciated by the folks you work for...however, the General Director is making his famous Lasagna (he's Italian, and from what I hear an incredible cook)...talk about temptation. Well if I decide to partake, I will definitely have to burn it off at the gym.

Good luck to all during this trying season.

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Valerie said...

Amen. :-( I do so wish that as a society we had some better way of showing appreciation and kindness than HORRIBLE FATTENING FOOD!

One of the people that my husband and I do business with did something awesome this year - he got us a membership in the Fruit of the Month Club. (Month, not Loom, though that would be hilarious.) Anyway...I thought that was SO cool. Fruit is so expensive this time of the year and I have to have it...and it's so nice and healthy. I wish everyone would send fruit and veggies and stuff like that instead of cakes and cookies and pastries and...all the stuff that is downstairs right now. Ergh.

We shall overcome! And if we don't overcome, at least hopefully we won't overdo. :-)