Thursday, December 27, 2007

So far so good...

As soon as Christmas was over, so was the junky eating. Sure there are still treats around and being offered, but as I said in my last post, I've had enough! It feels good to be eating clean again. I was a little worried about last night's ladies night, but my teacher had made some low cal. veggie soup! My vegan friend would have loved was made in a vegetable based broth with bokchoy, cabbage, onions, carrots, tomatoes, and peppers, I think that was it, but the bokchoy (sp?) greens spiced it up was perfect, filling and cleansing all at the same time...yay for fibrous vegetables! Today at work, lunch was catered of those really huge heroes with Italian meats and cheeses all over it, and a nice mixed green salad with tomatoes, onions & olives in it...I made myself a big plate of the mixed greens with a few olives (3 to be exact) and the other veggies I mentioned and sprinkled it with a nice balsamic vinegar & olive oil. I didn't even touch the monstrosity of a sandwich...yay me! Tomorrow is Pizza Friday at my work...that's a tough one...I smell it and I start to drool for a piece of pie...but absolutely not! I must stay strong. I've got a goal to reach by New Years and I'm not going to let one piece of pizza defeat me. I'll just have my morning snack around 11ish so that I won't be hungry when it arrives.

I worked out today and yesterday as that's another plus I can check on my list of good things done for me.

On another note: I'm trying out hypnosis for singers tonight...why not, it couldn't hurt. If I can over come underlying anxieties and the like its all the better. The brain is a curious thing...I'm not a big believer in these sorts of things, but it's more like guided meditation I hear, and since I enjoy yoga, perhaps this can't be too way out there. I'm willing to try anything once. :) I let you know what I think about it...a sort of review on the subject. So wish me luck or whatever you wish in those situations.

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Valerie said...

Yay, YOU! Good job with the salad, and good luck on the pizza. I know you can do it! It does feel so good to be eating healthy again...

I have to go to the mall today and I am fighting the same temptation...there's a pizza place there I LUUUURRRRRVE...but it's on the top floor so hopefully I can just keep from going up there and avoid temptation.

I think the hypnosis sounds like a great idea! What can it hurt? I'll definitely be interested in hearing how it goes.