Wednesday, December 26, 2007

High Hopes

Wow, I'm sooo done with "Holiday" eating! Seriously, how many cookies, chocolates, and other sugar-loaded carbs can one eat in less than a month? Well as we know from past blogs and fellow bloggers, an average of 7 lbs. per American. That's a lot of junk that's consumed. Have you ever truly thought about it? What goes into a basic treat? The main ingredients are generally Sugar, Flour, and some kind of oil or Fat to hold it together. Empty, Empty Calories...yummy? Sometimes, but generally you're left feeling lousy after the consumption of it.

So now what? That's right, it's time to rid our bodies of the crap we've been putting into it...key word: Detox. Time to feed our bodies good wholesome foods like leafy greens, clean water, whole grains, and trying to make sure it's as organic as one can get. There's no good in trying to eat healthy when the veggies you're consuming have been covered in do your best to know & plan on what you're putting into your's the only one you've got, so treat it nice. And why we're at it, make sure you get away from the computer and walk around...get some exercise. Not only do we need to feed ourselves well, we need to keep the body moving and burning those excess holiday calories that may have been consumed. For me that means hitting the gym and really pushing myself. Perhaps a nice circuit training class, or a good jaunt on the treadmill or elliptical...oooh or even better, YOGA! No better way to detox than with a yoga class full of stretching and twisting that really encourages the body to rid itself of unwanted radicals. enough talking about it, time to put it into practice...I believe I'll have a nice hand full of nuts right now with 2 glasses of water & my first dose a vitamins. Enjoy the rest of the holidays!


Valerie said...

I luuuuuuurvvvvvve yoga... :-)
And I am totally detoxing with you. Today is my "My God, how disgusting do I feel?" day...definitely done with all the crap.

And back to the exercise. I think I finally, FINALLY have my lungs back in working order, though I may still have to take it a leeetle slow...and I did get a new rebounder for Christmas, so I'm stoked! Tonight's workout will be a killer, I can't wait. :-) (Does that sound completely twisted, or is it just me?)

BeckStein said...

Not at all's fabu...I love to have a kick-but work-out! It feels awesome to really feel that you've accomplished something good for yourself.