Tuesday, October 30, 2007

So Far So Good...

Phase 1 Week 1 Day 2: So far so good, however it IS only the second day of the detox phase of my diet, but I've held strong thus far and that's in conjunction with this being the 2nd day of my menstrual cycle.

V came and had lunch with me yesterday and I truly enjoyed my black bean soup & lamb kabob w/hummus, grilled veggies & salad. It was so much food that I ate the other half of the meal 3 hours later...and it was still delicious. It's so nice to have her doing this diet with me. It makes it so much easier when the person you dine with has the same dietary needs as you. Of course that's not always the case, but I've got such a great support group of friends and they generally let me pick the location so that I can stay on my diet.

I have some favorite meals & snacks I'd like to share that help me stay on this diet...sure you can have salad...but one does get tired of the same ol' grilled chicken on a bed of mixed greens thing (or at least I do.)

Sample Menu:

7:30 am: 2 eggs (or egg whites) w/Canadian bacon or Morningstar veggie sausage (I happily can eat breakfast anytime...mmm)

10:30 am: 2% String Cheese (so easy to grab & go)

1:30 pm: Fat-free "refried" beans w/fat-free cheddar (just a sprinkle), diced onions, and salsa (make sure it's low in sugar).

4:30 pm: Nuts - 15 Almonds, 30 Pistachios, or 3 tbl spns Pumpkin Seeds...another quick and handy snack.

7:30 pm: Turkey Kielbasa w/onion & cabbage (sauteed in Smartbalance "butter")

Usually I'm done eating by this time, but if I want one more snack, I'll take some whey protein & blend it with skim milk, vanilla extract, cinnamon and Ice for a nice smoothie/vanilla protein shake, or just have some sugar-free jello...oh and 2% or 0% Fage yogurt w/a package of Splenda mixed in is always a nice treat too (so thick & creamy).

So that's generally what a day in the life on this diet consists of during Phase 1. Not bad and a lot of food...The cabbage was delish last night by the way :)

Ok kids, I'm off to the gym!

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