Friday, October 26, 2007

Diet Opera Blog?

Well it IS called "Not a Fat Opera Singer" and that is the goal...not to be fat, plump, or even pudgy while pursuing my opera career (or EVER for that matter)...heck I'm burning calories even as I type ;)

So, Jake (the personal trainer boyfriend) flew off to sunny Florida at 5 am this morning...yeah you guessed it South Beach, Florida. Isn't that a funny coincidence he's in South Beach, Florida at the same time I'm about to start Phase I of the South Beach Diet...However, I think he's currently getting the better end of the deal here. So while he's on the beach, soaking in the sun and catching some waves (do they do that in Florida?) I'll be going off to Massachusetts on tour with the National Lyric Opera. I'm not complaining...I love going on tour and I think Cape Cod is fabulous...I just want to point out that the North East is a bit nippy in late I don't think I'll be doing much sun and wave catching action, but at least it's pretty :)

Good thing I start Phase I on Monday (doing that restrictive part of the diet would have been pretty difficult on tour over the weekend...they always feed us pasta on the road or chips & sandwiches.) But I'll be back late Sunday night / early Monday morning and ready to hit the detox trail. Oh and hopefully my program will be ready from PT Jake so that I can get a good start to the week...actually he doesn't arrive back to the City until Monday night, so I'll more than likely do cardio and calisthenics and then Tuesday start his training program...kettle bells?...boxing?...who knows, but I can't wait! Really...I'm ready to get seriously lean & healthy!

Oh, I just celebrate the start of Phase I on the SB Diet, V and I are going to get together and either eat an authorized meal together for Lunch or we're going to work-out during the Lunching hour...either way, it's a win/win situation. It's good to have a buddy on this journey...we just love her! (yeah, I do occasionally break-out the "royal" WE...I AM a bit of a Diva).

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