Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Here Goes:

Ok, so what the heck am I doing? Well, I guess I want to keep a journal that I can share with people who care, or at least might have a passing notion of interest in this blog. I will warn you, I do tend to write in run-on sentences and do have the occasional fragment. So if you're looking for brilliant writing with incredible grammatical skills...This isn't the place for you.

Now, to get started. My reasoning is to keep myself honest and accountable for my actions. Mainly in the realm of diet and exercise, thus the name of the blog, Not a Fat Opera Singer. That's really the goal, to no longer be nor to become the stereotype that has been long associated with the world of Opera and it's singers. You know what I mean. If you're not really involved in this world, what image comes to mind when someone says Opera Singer? Is it the large, buxom woman with viking horns on her head? Unfortunately, that seems to be a widely shared thought of how we opera singers are viewed. Oh what I wouldn't give to wear that horned hat and seriously sing Wagner, however, I'm just a lyric coloratura soprano trying to make it in the world.

The Opera World is-a-changin' however. Have you seen all the press on Dramatic Soprano, Deborah Voigt and her gastric bypass surgery? Or the Vogue spread of Anna Netrebko? The craft of Opera must survive in a multi-media world and to do that, it must present the whole package for the audience to least that's what we're being told. It's no longer just about the voice, but the acting and the believability of the character. I personally have always been on-board for good acting and believability...but in this endeavor let's not lose the beauty of voice. Alright, so now all I have to do is sing great, act great and LOOK great (not to mention have some nice networking on the side) in order to get the job.

But let me make one thing clear: This is not just about my career in the arts, this truly is an endeavor to be HEALTHY. Diabetes and heart problems run rampant on both sides of my family, and I don't want to suffer as many members of my family have and still are. I don't want to die of a heart attack or stroke by the age of 50, nor do I want my legs amputated from diabetes. It happens, it has happened to my loved ones, and if I can eat right and exercise my way to having a long and healthy existence, THEN LET'S DO THIS THING!

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Valerie said...

Good on you! Ooh, and I'm not even Aussie...

Seriously, well done for making a change, and blogging to reinforce it! I found your blog through Diet Girl (maybe that's where I get the Aussie!) and hope you don't mind, I've put you on my blogroll at

Way to go, sounds like you've made an awesome start (or continuance? since you've already lost so much!).