Thursday, October 25, 2007

Day 2: Uh, Right.

Day 2 my @$$...I mean really. Ok,'s day 2 on this blog at least.

Let me be honest with you folks. As you know, I once weighed 186 lbs. My drop to 140 lb-land didn't happen overnight, nor even in a year. It's taken me almost a decade to whittle it down...Yeah I know...soooo encouraging, but I've had a lot to learn about the whole eating healthy and working out thing. I actually lived on fast food & Dr. Pepper during college (never a good idea)...I was seriously addicted too...I'm not kidding. Some people smoke, or drink, or take recreational drugs, but my addiction IS food, especially fast food. I love me some Taco Bell.

Now on to the positive. I've changed my approach, thoughts, way of eating AND am much more active in my lifestyle...I live in NYC for "Godsake", it's a hard City to sit still in. So I'm on the right track and my weight has been the better for it.

Just recently (the past 4-6 months) I've lost 20 lbs. doing the South Beach diet. No I'm not talking about eating the marketed "South Beach" products...I'm talking about detoxing the body and re-balancing it with good healthy foods. This "diet" was actually designed by a doctor in South Beach, Florida for his diabetes and heart patients. It was created in order to help increase their health and gage how much insulin their body could process. The weight loss was just a bonus side effect to their new way of eating. What got me to try it, was my own sensitivities to insulin and my family history of diabetes & heart disease. I figured "might as well nip it in the bud before it grows into an actual problem." Not to mention, I'd drop some unwanted pounds in the process. So I finally found what works for me, and when I cheat (WHICH has been as of late) I feel crappy and find that my body really can't handle processed sugars and carbs.

So the plan: My friend V and I are starting Phase I of South Beach again THIS coming Monday Oct. 29th. We will detox on this phase for the next two weeks and re-balance our body's insulin levels. Then I will slowly add back one serving per day of complex carbs and then another serving per day the following week and so on and so on...until I find out how much insulin/carbs my body can handle. If I cheat, then I have to do Phase I again in order to re-balance the body I'll do my best not to cheat...cuz Phase I ain't no picnic. Sorry, sometimes I'm soooo "country."

*Oh...and as you know, I will also be working out with the goal to change my body composition to a much leaner body fat percentage. Nice side note huh?

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