Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Crazy Life of an Opera Singer

Yep, the crazy life of an Opera Singer / Artistic Director / Producer / Program Director / Hair & Make-up Mistress / Health & Fitness Advocate / Administrative Assistant / Student / Girlfriend / Friend / all around well-rounded Human being? I have found that I currently wear many hats and juggle many things. No wonder I'm exhausted most of the time, and find other things in my life suffering due to my other priorities. For example my home is a complete wreck, I can hardly remember to water the plants much less keep an open and immaculate apartment. You've surely heard " cluttered home, cluttered mind" but which came first the chicken or the egg? On top of the clutter, is the lack of space that NYC apartments have. YOU come to NYC and try downsizing from Texas-sized living to teeny tiny New York apartment...ugh...and I've been here for 8 years already! I keep getting rid of stuff but somehow it's never enough and there's never enough space. I need help clearing the clutter...I need to reorganize...I need my home to be an oasis that I can escape to, not from! But you know me; I have a plan. Yep...a reorganization plan. Once my last gig at Dicapo is up after this weekend, I'm going to redo the apartment. I'm going to Spring clean like there's no tomorrow. I'm going to rearrange furniture, purchase extra storage (i.e. a closet/wardrobe), and purge all unnecessary articles of clothing (and gulp...shoes), books, furniture, etc. That should do it! My main objective in this is to have some good open space at home so that every time I want to work-out I don't have to move the sofa (Yeah, we actually, physically move the couch in order to work-out...hey, ya gotta do what ya gotta do.) I think the rest of my life will be a little less stressed if my home life is in better order.

As for NaFOS: The Challenge, my singers are doing very well and we have a great bunch of participants that are ready to be physically challenged now that they're getting their eating under control. I can't wait for you to check out our article in the new MizFit Magazine that launches soon.

On the opera singer front: I've been studying with a new voice teacher, famed soprano Diana Soviero. She's the real thing folks...I've been making such wonderful progress in a few short months and I can't wait to see where I am in a year. Not only is she an amazing teacher, but she's also an amazing human being...how did I get so lucky? I honestly have my friend Kristin to thank for that, she's the one that originally introduced me to her (and honestly, the way my friend Kristin sings is the reason I wanted to study with Ms. Soviero...Kristin's voice is amazing, one of the most beautiful instruments of our time if you ask me, and given enough time, she'll be a household name within the next five years). I'm also getting ready for my upcoming Audition for Dicapo Opera's 2009-2010 season next week and I'm very excited. It promises to be an amazing season with my favorite Tobias Picker Opera "Emmeline" on the roster, and two of my other favorite opera's "Rigoletto" and "Madama Butterfly" to play next year as well. I would be thrilled if I got a role in those operas (oh how I long to play Sophie & Gilda), but they're doing some new and unknown pieces as well this coming season that would be cool to participate in. I just hope I can show my new vocal growth in my auditions (surprise, Bex is not just a little coloratura anymore). Dicapo's the only C house in NYC and City Opera has been having some questionable problems opening back up, so needless to say, competition is stiff for the jobs at Dicapo.

On the Not a Fat side of this blog, I have been pretty good about my fitness and nutrition, and have just joined The Women's Challenge (see the link on the right side of this blog.) Thanks to MizFit, I've got a new 8 week challenge in which to work on certain areas in my life, I even joined her Team MizFit so that she can harrang me about keeping up wid'it.

Alright, I'm totally typed out, but please feel free to visit MizFitOnline.com to find out about the challenge if you are so inclined.

Have a great day!


Lah said...

First off thanks for checking out my blog! You rule. I also got your voicemail like this morning or something..I basically would've told you what I said in the blog. I haven't completely derailed but I'm nowhere near what I should be. Today's a new day though! And I'm feeling good!

How do you make all those suggestions sound so delicious? I'm hitting the supermarket tonight. If I had things like decaf iced coffee, I probably wouldn't feel like I'm on a diet!

Anyway, congrats on La Soviero! She freaking rocks my socks. I met her last year in Puerto Rico at the IVAI program and I *dream* of studying with her one day! I can only imagine how glorious she's making you sound! Break a leg @ Di Capo next week, I mean, I'm sure I'll speak to you before then but still, you're going to work that audition!! You got this!

Fitarella said...

Go Bex! Go Bex! So excited about Madame Soviero for you, that is awesome! Cant wait to hear you this year in person. I must get my arse to NYC!!!