Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Moving and Shaking

Ahhhh, the Memorial Day Weekend....a very productive weekend indeed. I personally love to use long weekends as an excuse to either get away, OR for getting things done around the house. I chose the latter this weekend and we accomplished much. With the help of the Maestro, my Cousin Philip, and my girl Chelle, we renovated our apartment. The renovations included taking everything out of storage, and the off-set rooms and doing a large purge of the situation. Once things were purged, we painted the areas that desperately needed it and then moved and reorganized all the rooms by rearranging furniture, books, appliances, etc. Once that was done (which took most of the 3 days) we did the little things like replacing light fixtures and bulbs, new batteries in smoke alarms and remotes, grooming the plants, and we even added a new toilet seat to the mix (so nice, new, and stain resistant!)

It feels so good to have everything done (ok, not everything...I want to go through all my kitchen utensils and dishes and purge as well), but it does feel like we live in a new place. How very calming it is to have everything in its place and how peaceful it is to have our space open and usable...I'm a happy person. I'm also a sore person...this was such a physical undertaking that I definitely know I got a good work-out from all the hard work...Mopping alone was quite the task, so you can only imagine how I feel after all the cleaning, purging, painting, etc....whew, I'm beat.

Overall a good and productive weekend...Next weekend...PARTY!!!

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