Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Get'er Done

It's been a rough couple of days... I'm overtired and I'm really starting to feel it. This past week and weekend, I got in a good couple of days where I got in some Guerilla Cardio and other work-outs. I also worked at Dicapo every night last week with two shows on Saturday and Sunday (whew)...yes this is on top of my day job. In between shows on Saturday I did get the opportunity to do some yoga with my NaFOS group in Central Park; you couldn't have asked for a more perfect day to do yoga outside, or heck just be was gorgeous! Our instructor Kristen was amazing and guided us through a nice rejuvenating was quite the work-out without realizing it until later (and I thought I was taking it easy -- HA!) By the time I got through the weekend, I needed a weekend to rest and prepare for this week, but as we all know, that just didn't happen. For some reason, the week just won't allow me two weekends in the same week...stupid calendar! Thus today I'm extra tired and fatigued and TOM has come to visit, so the last thing I want to do is work-out...but I did it! That's right, I got my butt to the gym and did a good 30 minutes of Guerilla Cardio on the treadmill, and I feel the better for it.

This coming weekend our NaFOS group is having more yoga in the park on Saturday, and then on Sunday I leave for tour with The National Lyric Opera. We'll be hitting the Northeast for two days and then coming back to NYC. I took Tuesday off, so I could get a day to myself...I just know that if I had come back and gone straight back to my day job, I would never catch up on my rest or anything else I need to do in order to prepare for the following week. I'm currently trying to come up with a game plan to sticking with my diet and exercise regiment while on the's so hard when they provide "food" on this venture and it's generally not the healthiest of choices. Hopefully there will be a gym and/or pool at the hotels, and I hope I can pack enough snacks for the road.

On a different note: Try to avoid Fat Free Half and Half...I just found out that it has corn syrup in it! can they do that to dairy. You think you're making a healthy decision, but there the food industry goes and starts mixing in crap into your food. I guess it goes to show that you should never stop reading labels.

Have a great day,

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carla said...

how was yoga in the park?

Fun I can imagine as I saw the weather was FANTASTIC.

hope youre having a fun trip...