Friday, August 8, 2008

Over the Hump

Well it's day 5 of my new eating regiment and I'm over the worst of it. Day 2 & 3 I had the worst head and body body was detoxing. I can't imagine how it is for people going off serious drugs like heroine. If detoxing simple sugars and chemicals like caffeine affect you so badly, think how a stronger substance would make your body respond. I'm finally at the point of the plan where I'm feeling much better and starting to get my energy back...I may even try to do a Shred work-out tonight...I've only had enough gumption to do long walks. I'm seriously flabbergasted at how my body is responding to the whole holistic eating thing. I've lost 7 lbs. since Monday due to elimination that the body is going through. The plan has you drinking at least 64 oz. of cran-water (a mixture of 1 oz 100% pure cranberry juice/unsweetened with 8 oz purified water), regular purified water, hot water with juice of half a lemon in the morning, psyllium, flaxseed/flaxseed oil, and taking GLA, CLA, Liver Cleansing supplements (like fiber, milkthistle, & dandelion root), and of course a multi-vitamin. Plus with all the organic low-glycemic fruits and veggies I'm eating, it's hard not to go to the bathroom...I don't think I've ever felt so clean, or cleaned out for that matter (sorry for the frankness). Only 3 of us out of the 6 have made it to day 5, the rest either didn't start the program or dropped after day 2 when the going got really tough. I'm serious, this is not for the weak of heart, you literally feel like crap...sort of like having the flu. If I hadn't read that this was a normal response with detoxing, I would have thought something was wrong or that I was getting sick. Thank goodness I made it through and now I can concentrate on the good eating part of the plan and adding back in the work-outs. Working-out hardcore is not recommended at first, I guess they know how bad week 1 will get ya.

On the Opera front, Don Giovanni goes up September 6th & 10th, with future performance dates to follow. I have several auditions coming up and I'm learning Lucy in Menotti's "The Telephone" to be performed within the next few months. So things are staying productive. Oh and I spoke to the writer/director of the short film I did in early July and the film is still being edited...AND she is still interested in using me for the feature film once it goes into production. I was starting to get concerned since I hadn't heard from the film people, but it looks like things are still rolling along.

Ok, so now to have breakfast and my first set of supplements.

Have a great weekend!


Fitarella said...

Girlfriend, when I wen through a caffeine detox years ago it was HELL so I know how you feel! Good for you for sticking it out!!

Where are you singing DG? Zerlina? Donna Anna? Donna Elvira? All details please!

What short film did you do? Do you know Joseph Kaiser, now at the Met? We went to school together...his big break came from a film too!!

MizFit said...

beyond impressed.
I can barely READ about doing a caffeine detox w/out weeping openly.

all need to hook up in nyc.

I just need my sugar mama to buy me a ticket!

R. Shack said...

Hey Boo,

Where did you find your info? It sounds really interesting and difficult but worth it. Let me know.

And I'm so super duper proud of you.


MizFit said...

and? how was the weekend? yesterday?

all those questions :)