Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Day After

Phase 1 Week 1 Day 2...Ugh! Ok, they warned this would happen in my reading, that you go through withdrawls and feel all the toxins coming out and they're not kidding. I've had a headache since last night and it continues to linger in a dull hum sort of way...not really painful, just annoying and a bit disorienting. On this eating plan, I gave up all caffeine, salt, sweeteners (except for stevia or flora-key) and anything processed. I figured, I'd be fine during this part of the diet because I don't smoke or really do any drugs beyond the occasional ibuprofen or coffee...however, this detoxing gets rid of EVERYTHING down to the french fries you ate last year. Any and all pollutants your body comes in contact with, is supposed to be pushed out of the bod...and boy do you feel it. Thankfully this feeling is only supposed to last a week at most...but 2-3 days is generally the norm, so hopefully I'll be less cranky & achy by Friday. So much for the idea I was going to feel energized from this...I guess I have to wait until the 2nd week for that part to kick in.

I'm also already bored with the food, and it's only been one day...however, my bison burger with steamed broccoli was delicious last night...but how often can a girl eat buffalo? Luckily there are several organic and natural restaurants in NYC, so at least I can go out to eat occasionally. I think I may make "stir-fry" this evening or something like...I need to mix it up and I also may have to cook up a mock spaghetti sauce or something, but what to serve it over? Oh I know, tofu noodles? I wonder if they have any preservatives in them, I better check. This ultra-clean eating is killing me...lol...I can't even think straight.

Well enough rambling, off to eat my next meal.

Have a great day,

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