Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Ok, day 3 and still doing good. I had a small moment of wanting to cheat last night but I held strong and stuck to my eating plan :) Small victories add up to big ones.

It was an interesting day of mixed events and emotions yesterday...I'm currently bouncing around my office (day job) covering everyone while they're on vacation this week and my hours are all screwy due to this...however last night, Carmine took me to a fundraising event for Chelsea Opera and we had a lovely time on a cruise around Manhattan at sunset...We even made some new friends on the journey. At the same time, the ex-bf Jake called and informed me that he was heading to my place to take the air conditioner...wha?...granted it used to belong to his old roommate, but the guy left it there over two years ago and I thought it was kind of crappy to all of a sudden come and take it (with NO notice)...on top of that they also took the BBQ grill in the backyard. Now this is something that they left originally saying they didn't I'm sorry, but that was a douche-bag thing to do! Not that I can't replace those things, just the fact that he used a key that he wasn't supposed to have, to go into MY apartment and take things they left that they originally didn't want. WTF!!! Thankfully my friend Kristin headed over there to supervise and demand the keys...that was so awesome of her...the girl's got my back. All in all, the romantic cruise, the sweet disposition of Carmine and the making of new friends helped to get my mind off the crappy thing the ex was doing. I seriously thought Jake and I could be friends, but I can't believe he was so disrespectful of me and my space...once again I say "douche-bag"!

Now that I've vented I'm going to go meet Carmine for a lovely lunch and try and forget about the stupidity of yesterday's Jake fiasco.

Have a great day!


All Vegged Out said...

Apparently, I need to head over to NY and have a little chat with the exBF... ew!

But... I'm super proud of you for sticking to your plan!!

dietbook said...

Wow, sorry for the f**kwittage, as Bridget Jones would put it. Definitely not respectful. I am glad your friend was there to keep him in line though.

And glad you had such a good time with Carmine! And stayed on plan to boot...definitely a victory. F**kwittage notwithstanding.

Hope you have a great weekend!