Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Control Update

You peeps are the really. So I'm still a bit out of control, but luckily, my cousin's bf brought dinner over and it was lean steak with veggies...I hadn't even planned on eating healthy, but it happened (what a nice surprise). This morning I got up and drank my psyllium "cocktail" and downed some vitamins and headed to work with the thought "I at least can try to eat healthy". Of course my plans were a bit derailed when I found a friend had left me a slice of homemade banana bread on my chair at work...and it was so worth it (mmm)! I did bring more of the meat and veggies to work with me for lunch I'll take all the good advice I've gotten and take the good with the bad. And my chocolate craving seems to be pretty low (at the moment) so maybe PMS won't completely destroy my good eating plans.

On a side note, speaking of my couz's BF...he's also a hairdresser and he totally "modernized" my look...I currently have purpley-burgundy streaks in my strawberry blonde hair...including some crazy fun's very rock-n-roll, but I don't know if it's me. I'm not the most "cutting edge" person...I generally go for more classic look. It should be fun to have for awhile anyways and until the color fades enough where I can put an auburn wash over it to try and blend it down to a human

Have a great day!


MizFit said...

first you:sending you thoughts of ZERO chocolate cravings and continued LUUUVE of the meat and veggies (well, eating of them anyway :))

me: color me so jealous of the HAIR. cant wait to see pics? yes? please??

All Vegged Out said...

1. I need pics of the hair (and the Bday dress!)

2. Congrats on the new "about me" info :)

3. Banana Bread us always worth it!

Hang in there!!

dietbook said...

I do feel your of my bf's is bringing peanut butter fudge today...I thought she loved me, I don't know why she's trying to kill me...

JK, her fudge is like the next best thing to sex. No way am I resisting it...I am going to have to have one piece and then enlist someone's help to hide the rest and dole it out to me one piece a day. Cause one piece won't hurt my daily goals...but seventeen, which I would eat in quick succession (I know, I've seen me do it) definitely WOULD.

Sigh. Sucks having friends who love you, huh? :-) You'll be great though, one slice of banana bread is nothing. You're golden.

Here's to outbullying the PMS today and being strong and healthy. And you SO need to post a picture of the hair!


Courtney said...

I'd love to see pics of the hair!! I really want to do something funky with mine, too!