Monday, August 25, 2008

Back in the Saddle Again

Ok I'm back on the wagon...and eating clean is in the cards for me. Heck I even have a dance class to attend tonight at 6pm. So things are good there. I'm sticking to my eating plan and it feels good (even though TOM is beating me into a pulp at this very moment).

On the singing front, check out the website where my upcoming performance is happening... I'm on their roster :) I've also received an offer to do the role of Gianetta in L'elisir d'Amore coming up in January and Nanetta in Verdi's Falstaff this winter with two different companies. Things are looking up!

I don't know if I'll have a chance to do photos of the new crazy hair because it has to change before the performance of Don Giovanni in September...and I think that change may happen tonight...we'll see.

Have a great day!


fortissimezzo said...

who else are you singing with?
you go girl!

MizFit said...

back in the saddle and with a new head? girlfriend theres no way you CANT WIN!

(can we git a video of you singing?)


All Vegged Out said...

dude, I just googled you and listened to your voice OH MY GOD.

great job getting back on track!

take care,

BeckStein said...

I'll see if they'll record the upcoming performance...and then I'll figure how to load it.

Ty R for the voice comment...however that's a very old recording and I really do need to make a new one and update my website.

XO all,