Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ramble On

We did day 3 of lvl 2 last night of the 30 Day Shred, and I REALLY didn't want to. I guess I should give the little back story that after work we went to my voice teacher's house to have a little pre-birthday celebration...there we drank champagne, ate brie & crackers, french bread, and spinach/artichoke dip, to be followed up by mini chocolate cupcakes...I had 3... So by the time I got home I was buzzed and on an extreme carb & sugar high. I HAD to work-out, and boy was I not in the mood. I bitched and moaned the whole time, BUT I did get through it (without yacking). I accomplished day 3 and with sweat pouring off my brow. I'm excited now that I look back that I did push through and continue my endeavor to complete the 30 Day Shred, and by GOD, day 3 of lvl 2 is down. Only 7 more days of lvl 2 to go and then 10 days of lvl 3...almost halfway there. Oh and I guess I should mention that we is my friend Carmine and I...he's been doing the 30 Day Shred with me and he's the new roommate as well, so it's a healthy household indeed. It's also nice to have someone to work-out with, he's been such an encouragement...I'm glad he's around.

To make things worse or is it better?, TOM came last night and so now I'm sitting hunched over at my desk contemplating serious drugs. I do know that getting and staying active will help with the cramps so at least I've got that to look forward to.

I'm really starting to feel inspired with the whole regiment I've chosen for myself this time around. My muscles are in the good sore category and I'm seeing a difference already in my physique...even with TOM here. My tummy is tightening and getting less rounded...my arms are starting to shape up and my legs are looking pretty toned. In fact I wore a dress today that shows my arms and gams and I couldn't hardly walk down the street without a comment every block from some passing Joe. It IS NYC they're very "complimentary" here...especially when walking alone...I don't know if I'll ever get used to that, it creeps me out a bit...but I think it would be worse if the compliments stopped coming.

Oh, some interesting news, one of my dearest friends in the world called me this weekend looking for old photos of us in our college days. He was my partner for years in show choir and we did many a musical and play together. He was always on the larger side, being genetically predisposed to it and growing up in small town Texas, he's been plagued with obesity. For years he's been trying to lose it and the weight has really kept him from continuing to pursue a performing career...which is a great loss, because he's VERY talented. Well it turns out that the call and the need for photos is because he got a callback for this coming season's The Biggest Loser. This is very exciting and I know if he gets in, it will change his life. He truly needs the guidance and opportunity that the show offers. So everyone send good thoughts and wishes his way...his name is Damon. I really really hope he gets it...oooh, and maybe I'll get to meet Jillian Michaels in person...hehe...I'll be able to tell her how her 30 Day Shred is kicking my ass and she's reduced me to a whining, crumpled baby!

Ok, so now to the rest of the day...and I just got a present delivered at work. It's from my sister in Cali...oh, it's a stress relief gift basket...how did she know...good sister! We love her!

Have a great day everybody!


MizFit said...

here's to GOOD SORE and fabulous sisters.
thanks for this post.
my sister is struggling a bit and Id not even thought of surprising her with something like that.

I shall steal the idea :)


Anonymous said...

Okay, Bex, it's official, we're cosmically linked. TOM showed up here too and he's being a total ass. Serious drugs sound good, let me know who your hookup is! :-)

I'm very impressed that you worked through the buzz, that's amazing. (bows) I am not worthy!