Monday, July 14, 2008

7 Days Straight

I have done the unthinkable...I've actually worked our 7 straight days in a row (a first for me). My latest goal is to do the 30 Day Shred DVD for an actual 30 days straight...7 down 23 more to Actually there are 3 levels to the DVD so I assume you're supposed to do each level for 10 days and then move on to the next. So I've only 3 more days on Level 1 and then I progress to Level 2. I am very excited so far and feel that I'm accomplishing something in the short time that is left before my Birthday. The actual Birthday is July 24th, but we're partying on the 25th since it's a Friday and we can sleep in the following day :) Yeah, there will be drinking involved. BUT, until then it's hardcore eating clean and healthy, no alcohol, lots of vitamins and water...and the 30 Day Shred...I'm even considering taking the 25th off instead of my actual birthday, so that I can get my work-out in before the events happen that evening. I believe we'll start with cocktails & tapas at Pegu, followed by dessert & a wine pairing at Chickalicious, then onto Karaoke at either Sing Sing or Japass...we'll see who cuts us the best group deal. It will only be 20 of my closest

So far I've lost 7 lbs. and I already feel slimmer in my clothes...that birthday dress is going to look fabulous and I can't wait to dress to the nines and go out to celebrate, not only my birthday, but the hard work and accomplishment. The great thing about the DVD that I'm using is that it tones the bod while burning hopefully, my arms & back will be in a state that I approve of by then...and I really feel that I'm getting I'm totally stoked.

I'm also being considered for a feature film at the moment, so it doesn't hurt to be getting in shape for the never know when filming will go up and I have to be ready. The only thing is that I don't know if the shooting schedule will interfere with my Opera schedule and the trip to Hungary this's really just a waiting game and so all I can do is hope that it will all work out.

Ok, it's time for my mid-morning snack and on to working on my music.

Have a great day!


MizFit said...


on all of it.

the 7 days. the feature film consideration. the evening you have planned for the b-day soiree. the 7 pounds.


M., whose shoes are MBTs and who is BEGGING the company for a giveaway. we'll see...

R. Shack said...

omigosh! Bex! You rock... 7 is such a good number!

I know you can make it through the 23 days, for sure, and that you'll be smokin' in that dress!


P.S. Feature film!!!!!!!