Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Getting Ready

That's right, I'm getting all the info in line in order to get things off to a strong start. And I've got a plethora of people on board for the same eating regiment as me and the Maestro. By the way, Carmine is the Maestro due to the fact that, well, that's what he is...the music director and conductor of several opera companies here in the now you know to whom I refer. seems that people are ready and excited about getting healthy and they all agree that they want to do it even if it means it will be hard. Nothing worth having is ever just become accustomed to new habits. So that said, I want to give a big shout out to Kistin, Challis, Chelle, Giuditta and the Maestro for joining me in the Labor Day Challenge (the Fat Flush Plan). We're gonna eat, work-out and supplement our way to a lean healthy bodies. Let's see if we can all stay on the wagon together...strength in numbers, right! I think I'll even throw a little cooking party at my place on Sunday to prepare for the week and those who are so inclined can come over and join in the preparation fun. This is going to be GREAT *repeats over and over again*...Ok...this is going to be f@cking hard! But we can do this, especially with such a great support system, here and out there. So no worries, we'll make this happen AND we can share the work.

The Maestro was mentioning he was feeling a bit fatigued and blue for the past couple of days and couldn't understand why...I mentioned that perhaps it was due to the lack of physical activity. We haven't shredded in the past two days and that his body was already used to a daily dose of adrenaline from the fabulous Shred DVD. So sure enough he Shredded today and is bright-eyed and bushy-tailed...that's the great thing about exercise, it really sets you right both physically and mentally. It's such a fragile balance and we have to remember that usually the last thing we want to do is the first thing we probably need, like getting our butts moving! In fact, Mark Salinas mentions this very thing on his blog in an article he found on WebMD...check it out. Thanks for the share Mark.

I'm also excited about how many peeps Val of the Dietbook has on board with The Labor Day Challenge as well...I mean it really was her idea this time kudos to her for challenging me and welcome to all those who are on the happy train to positive change! Granted there may be more grumbling during, but in the end I think we'll all be pleased with the results.

Ok, so now to my next snack and more reading up on the Fat Flush Plan.

Have a great day!


MizFit said...

how much do I ADORE that The Maestro listens to you.

it hath taken YEARS (really. like 12) for me to get my hubby to pay ANY ATTENTION when Ive tried to tell him the exact some thing!


Mark Salinas said...

Great job! Stay active, stay healthy! Thanks for the shout out!