Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I Enjoy Being a Girl.

You know, I really do enjoy being a girl...or woman if you will...but sometimes its sooo hard! *cue whimpering* Sorry to all the boys out there reading from this point on, and any squeamish females, but come on, the menstrual cycle sucks! Why do I have to get all bloaty, gassy, crampy, and cranky...grrr. I was in such pain and doubled over last night that I couldn't bring myself to do my work-out. The bloated, gassy cramps in my stomach where pushing out on my abdomen so bad that I had an earache as a result AND back spasms as well. WHY!!! I took some ibuprophen and sipped soda to help with the gassiness (is that a word?)...but by the time I started to feel a little bit human, it was way past my bed time and I knew if I stayed up another hour to work-out, I wouldn't be able to sleep for the following 2. I know you can't "make-up" a work-out, however because I'm feeling like a heffer and a sow [sou] (yeah, two different and large animals), I think doing a double dose of activity can't hurt. So, the plan for today: Interval training on the treadmill or find a fun class to take during my lunch hour, and do day 4 of lvl 2 of the 30 Day Shred tonight when I get home. Tomorrow's work-out will be tricky due to it being my actual Bday and all the going outs & ons. I may have to do another lunchtime work-out and then based on home arrival after my bday dinner tomorrow, if there's adequate time, day 5 of lvl 2. I'm definitely going to try to get them all in and I've already made plans to take Friday off to pamper myself before the big party with my group of friends that night. Pampering entails: Sleeping a little bit later, getting up and doing the 30 Day Shred, a nice long shower, followed by a leisurely brunch, then a little mani/pedi action & perhaps a visit to the mystic tan booth to add some color into my life (no real sun exposure for this girl)...then home with a final shower-off of the chemicals applied to the bod and on to dressing for Friday's fabulous events.

I'm sure I've mentioned the plans for this Friday evening, but here's a recap: Cocktails & nosh at the fabulous Pegu Club followed by Karaoke & sushi at Japas. Some of my bestest gf's are in charge of the guest list and I can't wait to see who will least they told me where we're going so that a girl can dress accordingly...granted, I've had the bday dress ready and waiting for over a year to be worn, and I would have worn it to mud wrestling if need be...I've worked too hard not to. I'm getting really excited...but more than just going out to celebrate the bday...I'm excited to put that dress on and really see the progress I've made this year. Sure I have a back-up dress, but I don't think I will be needing it...this will be the year of my happy and fabulous NOHO boutique dress and there will be pics to document the occasion...I'll make sure to share after the approval process is over.

On another note, my friend Damon said the callback interview for The Biggest Loser went really well and he's up for phase 3 of the process...this is the background checks, a homemade video and a bio with photos. I can't say enough how much he needs this...I feel it will give him the jumpstart he needs to change is life. So everyone thank you for your previous good wishes and please keep sending them his way.

Alright, I guess its back to work for me.

Have a great day!


MizFit said...

first, I shall now have that song stuck in my head all day.
coupled with a mani/pedi (ok pedi. my hands? not so pretty) LONGING.

have a great one and here's hoping you are still snoooozing away.

Anonymous said...

Okay, how did I miss this one? Cause I'm terribly ADD I guess...

Anyway, I agree, I love being a girl, but when TOM shows up I wish I were androgynous or something (I'd never want to be a man). I hope by now you're feeling tons better and had a wonderful mahvelous birthday. It sounds awesome.

Can't wait to see the dress pics too.

And I will so be pulling for Damon to make it onto TBL, and hope that the experience is undilutedly wonderful for him. :-)