Thursday, July 24, 2008

A New Year

Today is your birthday...duh nuh nuh nuh nuh's my birthday too yeah...duh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh...

Well it is my birthday, I don't know if it's yours or not, but happy birthday to all :) I feel like Frosty the Snowman, how every time he's brought to life he says "Happy Birthday!"...I may be tired today, but I definitely feel alive...granted it's more like Frankenstein's Monster, but I'm moving.

Yesterday I took a really fun class at the gym, Cardio Strip Tease...she really worked our core with the warm up, I was almost hurting by the end of it...but I guess due to my TOM condition I wasn't feeling very sexy. I know it's all mental, but there were moments I felt like I was an awkward adolescent again AND a hobbling old granny at the same hips were stiff and I just didn't move very well...I had that moment of...Oh, I feel stupid.

Today I'm feeling like a Blobby McBlobbster...yeah, yeah, I know it's TOM, but the scale shows a 4.5 lb. gain (not to be confused with 45 - I think I'd throw myself in front of a taxi cab if I gained that much in a few days) and I feel like there should be a beeper warning anytime I decide to back up. I think once the Birthday week passes, I'm gonna really hunker down and eat ridiculously clean (yes cleaner than I've been eating...which may entail the half & half in my coffee in the mornings :( I wish I didn't get so bored with healthy eating...I could get alot more inventive with recipes, but it's a time issue. Maybe my new roomie will want to help me experiment with the cooking...he's already been great about the working out. Besides I'll be cooking for both of us, so I'm sure he'll be happy to help out, even if it's doing the dishes...oh God I hope he does the dishes...I hate that chore...especially after cooking for the week.

I'd really appreciate any insight to getting past my plateau, my weight seems to want to hover between 140 & 145 on my best days. I eat 5-6 small meals a day and work-out everyday (with an occasional 1 day off)...and the work-outs are always changing up at least every two weeks or so...I like to mix it up. Here's an example of my regular day.

7:30am Coffee w/half & half

10:30am 15-20 almonds

1:30 pm Lean beef & bean chili

4pm 0% Greek Yogurt w/1 splenda

6pm Chicken & Broccoli

8pm - Work-out: 30 Day Shred (currently on Lvl 2)

Sometimes around 12 or 2pm I'll throw in a lunchtime work-out at least 2-3 times a consists of either a 45 minute dance or pilates class OR 35 minutes interval training on the treadmill. And yes, I'm finally getting sleep...6-7 hours a night currently.

Maybe I should up the lunchtime work-outs to 5 days a week, on-top of my evening 30 Day Shred sessions? Perhaps I should have more than just coffee w/half & half for my 7:30am meal? My clothes fit fine...I don't feel like I'm really gaining we think the muscle composition is changing after being on the 30 day shred for 2 weeks? Oh I don't know, I'm just starting to get frustrated with the whole process...Why can't I break 140? I'm only 5'4...I need to drop some poundage...I still have a lot of belly & hip/thigh fat that's got to go but I think my arms are starting to look pretty decent. This is the point where I always start to freak...I always see a gain on the scale when I'm doing any type of training that builds muscle...and instead of riding it out I stop, so I don't keep gaining weight. Do I just keep gaining weight? When does the scale turn the other way and you start seeing the muscle that's under the fat? When does the fat finally melt away? 6 weeks? 8? Ever? I think I've got the formula right? Eat small lean meals and work out doing a mix of cardio vascular & weight baring exercise...both aerobic & anaerobic...what else do I need to do? What am I missing? I really want to start this new year off right. I want to get really lean and toned. I'm tired of having the jiggles and the dimples. Any wisdom out there?

Alright, well now that my cry for help is out there...I'm on to enjoying the rest of my Birthday and celebrating the end of the Birthday Challenge. I didn't lose the pounds that I may have wanted, but I still think I look pretty good and my back and arms are starting to shape up...granted I can't really see my back, but I'll trust that it's happening by the way it feels.

Have a great day everyone and a great weekend!



Cory Drake said...

you have a lovely back my dear and I'm proud of your weight loss and overall positive mindframe (when TOM isn't around). Happy Birthday babe, munkey puddin'8

Fitarella said...

dare I say it? Ok, I will...i don't think you are eating enough calories Beck. Also, are you weight training at all? I think that would make a tremendous difference in seeing body composition change. Feel free to email me if you want :-)

Fitarella said...

oh and HAPPY HAAPY BDAY!!!!!!

Courtney said...

Happy Birthday!

Are you taking measurements? I know that sometimes can help, becasue you'll see a loss there, but not on the scale.

Did you say how many cals a day you are getting on average? You might try shaking it up, with a higher day and a lower day. Sometimes that seems to work, although I have no idea why.

Anonymous said...

First of all...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I hope you have a marvelously wonderful-awesome one, my dear!!!

Now...I never never ever give people advice about weight loss unless they specifically ask. :-) But since you asked...

Honestly? I don't think you're eating enough! Based entirely on your example, I would say you probably need to toss in a few things here or there...when I've been super-good exercise wise, I've found that I do have to be careful to keep my calories up or I stop dead.

The first thing I'd do is eat a little something for breakfast, even if it's just wheat toast, oatmeal or some Special K. Get that metabolism going early and put the carbs in the morning, so you've got plenty of time to use them. Then I would throw in a piece of fruit with the almonds...add a veggie to the yogurt snack, and maybe add a salad or some steamed broccoli to the lunchtime meal. You can add a LOT of fruits and veggies without increasing the calorie load too much and it might get your body to cooperate, because you are a very, very active girl, after all, especially at the level at which you're exercising and with your super-busy life. It sounds to me like the body is just being stubborn and holding on to weight because it isn't getting quite as much as it wants.

I don't think I'd increase the exercise, I think you're getting plenty. You could add a little more strength training if you wanted, though I wouldn't say it's necessary, but I definitely wouldn't add cardio. I think increasing the calories somewhat would probably be a better tack to try.

So there you have it. God knows I'm not an expert but there's my suggestions. :-)

But regardless, definitely don't worry about any of it today. This is your day, enjoy the heck out of it! MWAH!


R. Shack said...

Happy, Happy Birthday I hope it's amazing!

All the things that I was going to say... well V said them! Especially on the fruits and veggies part (seasonal fruit and greek yogurt is sooooo good, plus the fruit adds sweetness so you wouldn't need splenda).

P.S. Happy Birthday

Shauna said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WOoohooooo! :)

dare i say it too... based on this sample day it definitely does not sound like enough food :) especially with all that exercise.

BeckStein said...

1st of all, You ALL Rock! Thanks for the bday wishes & the advice.

Hmmm...I hadn't even thought of adding in MORE calories. Why is that a scary notion to me? Probably the years of change and restriction have conditioned me to take in less. Ok, so to add in a better mix of foods and up the weight training a bit. I've been wanting to try those plank kick-backs that MizFit demo'ed on Monday...I think it was Monday?

Anywho...I'm gonna run down right now and get a multi-grain something and save the almonds for a later snack :)


MizFit said...

Im with fitarella on the calories FO SHIZZLE!

and am now confused.

am I late?


happy birthday REGARDLESS :)


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Bex!!!