Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Always through the changing...

I had my audition last night for the title role in The Ballad of Baby Doe. I feel that I did pretty darn good and got a good vibe from the producers and directors in the room. I don't know when and if I got the part, but I did my best, and that's all I can do...the rest is in their hands. What really amazes me is how confident I felt walking into the audition room, sure a bit anxious, but overall pretty collected. I was told later by the maestro, that they were impressed by my confidence and how I had all my materials together and ready. He also said they loved my acting and expressiveness in the pieces I sang...OK...but did I get the bloody part? It would be unprofessional for him to tell me and it would be unprofessional for me to ask; besides 30 minutes out of an audition is too soon to have an entire opera I'll have to be patient and wait. Ahhhh...I really suck at waiting...I'm very impatient and will be a complete nut case until I know one way or the other...let's hope I get a call regarding this today so that I won't drive the people around me batty!

As for the eating and exercise side of things: I didn't work out yesterday so that I could have enough energy and endurance to make it to and through my audition at 9:30pm last night, however I did walk 20+ blocks in the snow if you want to count that as exercise. My eating was pretty good up until 7pm when I had dinner with a friend, and ended up splitting pancakes and a croissant with her. Bad Fatty Carbs...oh well, hopefully the snow walking burned some of the damage. Today I'm back on track and have plans to go to my Ballet Bar class at 1:15pm, so I know I'll have fun and get my butt kicked all at the same time :)

Have a great day!


Valerie said...

I'm keeping all my fingers - and toes! - crossed for you, Bex. :-)

And you know what? Thanks a million and one for your comment on my evil scale issues...every time you say that "three times less space" thing it's like a major revelation for me. It's like I know it, but seem to forget...that actually made me feel better, and it's one of the few things today that has.

Massive hugs, with crossed digits. :-)


Anonymous said...

so, any news?