Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl

I got a new book on Friday and have been thoroughly enjoying it! I guess this is a bit of an endorsement, but so far I've been totally engrossed in "The Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl." I've read this young woman's blog for awhile and now I find it a treat to read her first book that happened to come out of her many years of blogging. I won't ruin it for you, but it's a truly inspirational read and full of wit & lovely reality. Not one of those guru self-help books that say "I can make you thin" and then take your money. No, Shauna's book is a real life story, about real life success due to real life perseverance. As I've always said, Perseverance is the key to gain anything you truly want in life.

So now that the commercial break is over, let's talk New Years and the Not Fat part of this particular blog. I've been back on Phase 1 for officially one week today. It's been tough, but I've overcome pastries, desserts, salty snacks and the rest of the sugary / empty carb foods & snacks that have been put in front of me. I did finally break down and buy the locarb/no sugar added ice cream to curb my insistent PMS calling for chocolate!...Not too terrible though, it has only 4g of sugar per serving...and I also went through a lot of caffeine-free diet coke as well, so the sweet & chocolate cravings were met if not completely satisfied. Honestly, I can't wait to meet my fitness & weight goal so that I can finally concentrate on the maintaining and allow myself to indulge every now and then. But as for now, I feel if I indulged, I wouldn't be able to stop...that's just where my mind is at the moment and I've got to gain control over the whole kit'n caboodle before I make such allowances. After next Wednesday, I can have my once a week multi-grain bagel w/low fat scallion that I look forward to every Saturday. I know it doesn't sound so unhealthy and terrible, but believe me, bagels are the devil when it comes to weight loss, and besides it gives me something to look forward to in the treat department. I'm generally ok with saying no to sweets (except when I'm totally menstruating), but it's the breads and potatoes that are hard for me to avoid. My God, I could totally eat a whole loaf of hot french bread with butter in one sitting...or an entire platter of french fries...damn the french and their tempting carbs ;) lol

I don't generally make New Years Resolutions, I believe anytime is a good time to make a change or do something good for yourself. So if you missed Jan. 1st and feel that you've already blown the year and it's only the 2nd, I say fooey! Start now, there's no time like the present, and only you can really make the change, no one can or will do it for you. So get your but out there and do something good for your mind, body and spirit. Life's to short, so Carpe Diem!