Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Going Well

I made it through a full day of Veganism and fully enjoyed the eats. And so far today's been a good day of eating as well. I had my first restaurant meal today on this diet and I was able to stick to my diet too...I love Korean food! I had the Hot Stone Bibimbop bowl, it contains Multi-grain rice, root veggies, and I chose the tofu in stead of the meat or seafood options. I also made sure they didn't add the egg they generally put in. The red hot sauce & the kimchi add just the right touch of spice and flavor. It was so good, hearty and delicious...MOST satisfying :)

As for exercise, the plan is to get it in while watching the Biggest Loser tonight, after I go to my vocal coaching. Time to start learning The Ballad of Baby Doe.

Here's a run-down of today's food thus far, and I'll continue to add as the day goes on:

7:00 AM - 1/2 lemon in warm water&glass of water w/flaxseed (grnd)
8:30 AM - Banana/Blueberry rice milk & protein smoothie, glass of water + 500mg Vitamin C

11:00 AM - Green Tea & Organic Hummus w/baby carrots + 200mg CoQ10 & glass of water
12:30 PM - Raw red bell pepper & glass of water

1:45 PM - Bibimbop w/tofu, root vegetables & multi-grain rice (no egg) & glass of water
Spinach Miso soup w/tofu + Multi-vitamin for her & 2 glasses water

5:00 PM - 15 Raw Almonds & Organic Applesauce w/cinnamon + glass of water & 250mg Milk Thistle

8:00 PM - Curried Lentils on Quinoa & Bosc Pear + Dandelion Root & glass of water

10:30 PM - 1 heaping Tbl sp of Ground Flaxseed in glass of water (again blech)

Exercise: I just did 30 minutes on the elliptical while watching the Biggest Loser...at least it's something.

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VeganDiva said...

Hey hot mama!! I'm so proud of you... you 24 hour Vegan! The only thing that might be questionable is the Miso soup. Most restaurants (unless they're vegan) use bonito flakes which are dried fish flakes to flavor miso soup. I was a vegan for over 6 months before I learned this! :)

Oh, and your vitamins are probably not vegan. We can talk about that some other time. It's not important for this 2 week journey!

I can't wait till you can chow down on some less restrictive vegan fare with me after your two weeks is up.
I gotta give you props for DRINKING ground flax seeds! ICK! I would just mix it with your hummus or something. Keep it going and I PROMISE to email you tomorrow with some links. I've just been mad busy these past 2 days. Keep rockin' it!!!!