Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Getting Jiggly With It...?

I thought of a fabulous new way to think of my weight loss goals...tone up anything that jiggles. It's ok if certain body parts stay buoyant and bouncy, but jiggly isn't it. I want to be a lean, mean singin' machine...and that's gonna take some extra effort at the gym (and at home). Thank goodness I'm dating/living with a personal trainer...I have all his equipment available to me at no charge :) Which means, no excuses :( So now it's time to suck it up and put in the extra effort. I have a lovely goal to look fabu in a bikini by Summer...and I know I'll see results by Spring. That's right girls, I'm goin' for the hot bikini least hot for my pasty, lily-white self...maybe I'll do a little spray on tanning if I do actually go out in public in a bikini. Actually another incentive to get in even better shape is that I may be doing The Impresario again with the National Lyric Opera...the same exact production in fact that had me wearing a bodystocking and feather you KNOW that I'm gonna keep my butt in the gym for the next, oh I don't know, Forever! So the New Year is here and it's off to a good start I feel. I gave myself one last reprise of some unauthorized eating last week and now I'm back on my program of eating lean & healthy and working out.

Now for the follow-up to the hypnosis: Well that didn't there's no following-up, but there are plans for when the guy gets back in town (I believe in the Spring) so we'll catch up then on that front.

Singing-wise, I have a voice lesson tonight and have to decide what I'm going to sing for my upcoming audition for yet ANOTHER production of The Impresario, this time with the Bronx Opera. Now that I have the role under my belt, I'm hoping to go in and sing something that really knocks his socks off. I'll more than likely do the good ol' Laughing Song from Die Fledermaus since he wants an aria in English, and I only know the Mozart aria in German and would hate to try out a new English translation with only a week's preparation. Sure I could do it, but why stress over something new when I have a perfectly good English aria ready. Yet I know we'll probably go over the Mozart tonight and maybe touch on a new French Aria...sheesh...wish me luck!

Have a good day kids!


Valerie said...

LOL...I love the goal! Right now "everything that jiggles" is still pretty much everything, on me, but it's still a great goal. You'll be rockin' that bikini in no time.

No stress or anything with the singing, huh? :-) I don't know how you do it...I have to admire your guts, I'd be living in terminal performance anxiety I think. So, go you!

Shauna said...

Ooooohhhh good luck comrade!

And i like your goal... 'everything that jiggles'! i am going to remember that one :)

Shauna said...

ooh ooh i forget a wee question with my comment yesterday - from one pale ginger to another! have you had much success with the ol spray tans? i've always been curious but fear I'd just go from white to just UNCLEAN looking, as opposed to bronze and sexy!