Thursday, April 14, 2011

What to Expect

The 7 Day Peaking (Shedding the Water Weight) Diet is really a type of Detox Diet.  You can find similar plans in other books like South Beach (Phase 1) or the Paleo Diet...however this one is different because of the amounts of water you have to drink and the lack of sodium you can take very little fats except for what's found in nuts and avocado (no cooking with oils).  This is very much a limited diet, and should only be done as recommended.  Let me tell you what to expect on this plan.

  • You will feel lethargic, due to the lack of caffeine and sugars that you are no longer ingesting.  Don't worry, you will get over that feeling, but it takes time for your body to adapt.  You just have to be patient...I usually adapt after 2 weeks of lean eating with no carbs, caffeine or sugar.

  • You may feel achy both in the body and the head.  Again, don't're body is resetting itself to healthy levels and getting rid of the residual junk floating around in your system...thus the detox part.  It's not the most comfortable of things, but necessary to clean up your insides.  Drinking water to flush the system will help and so will sweating it out at the gym.

  • You may feel dizzy...that can be due to several factors:  a.) Need of hydration to help flush the toxins from the system, so definitely drink the 100 oz of water recommended.  b.) Your blood sugar is trying to balance out...give it time...again I know it usually takes my body about 2 weeks.  c.) Are you eating enough and often?  Try to stick to the recommended foods and certain amount of meals...I eat 4-5 snack/meals a day...sometime 6 based on how many hours I'm up and functioning...I sometimes work 18 hour days.  and/or d.) Sinus pressure in the head, related to the body's detox mode...again hydration will help with this.  I have also found that deep cleansing breaths help...the bod needs oxygen.

  • Cravings...yeah, you always want what you can't have.  It's a mind game...the long term rewards are sooo much better than the momentary lapse.  Just think of what you have and can attain by being diligent in your efforts.  And if you do slip up, get right back on, DO NOT make an entire binge day out of one little calorie.  You're body is going to want caffeine and's addicted...but you're stronger and smarter than really is mind over suck it up, and do it!
That's pretty much all I can think of at the moment...probably has something to do with the lack of sugar in my

I do know and recognize that when I do eat clean and lean with no sugars or empty carbs in the bod, I function so much better.  My joints stop hurting, my clothes fit better, and I feel good all over (once I get past the initial phase.)

Feel free to hit me up with any questions you may have.

Good luck and have a great day,

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