Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Water Logged

I'm trying to drink 100 oz. of water everyday, but it's not as easy as it sounds.  Why 100 oz.?  Well believe it or not, besides water being so good for you, it turns out that the more water you drink, the less you retain.  This is music to my ears, especially when you're trying to get rid of that pesky bloaty feeling...yick!  So here I am guzzling water like there's no tomorrow...going to the bathroom every 30 minutes (or so it seems).  But it's all good.

Currently I'm producing 3 major projects at one time and working on my own performing career included, and I'm starting to feel a little busy...lol.  Not to mention that I just finished doing hair, make-up and wardrobe at Dicapo Opera for their latest opera Gianni Schicchi.  However I have found that I'm sticking to the diet and exercise pretty well even though my schedule seems to be very busy.  What can I say...I do it to myself. 

Today, I'm going to do cardio sculpt with my girl Challis and I fear that it's going to kick my butt due to the fact that I haven't been taking class for a while.  My form of exercise over the past month has mainly been guerilla cardio, dance rehearsal, kettle bell swings, and lovely walks outside in the sunshine  :)  Soooo, yeah, I'm gonna be hurtin' tomorrow.

Well kids, back to the grind.  Hope you have a great day.

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