Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Water & Cutting

3 lbs. in one day???  Yep, thanks to that lovely thing known as water weight.  I'm currently on a regimen that helps rid the bod of excess water weight.  Why you ask?  Besides the obvious benefits of getting rid of excess bloat, I'm preparing for a serious fitness & nutrition plan.  This week is all about getting rid of my water weight so that when I get to my new hardcore fitness/nutrition plan, I can see the real results.

Water-Weight-Be-Gone Diet (7 days only):

Lean Green Steamed or Raw Veggies only
Lean Protein (Chicken or Turkey Breast)
Raw Nuts & Nut Butters (no sodium)
Low to NO Sodium (keep it under 500 mg a day)
Absolutely NO Table Salt
Egg Whites
Drink 100 oz of Water per day (distilled preferred)
Decaf Coffees & Teas (very little dairy allowed)
NO Sugar
No Flours
No Starches or Carbs
No Oils

Then once we've achieved our 7 day water/detox, it on to doing Jillian Michaels "Making the Cut".  I'm so excited, this is serious fitness for the serious person.  I plan on hitting it hard and reaping the rewards and results.  I'm on my way to the bikini bod that I want for the season...and not just beach season, but performance season!

Onward and upwards my friends.



MizFit said...

GO YOU!!!!!

you are hella serious.
I shall watch from the AfraidofJillian sidelines :)

BeckStein said...

HA! We'll see if it doesn't kill me first...lol :D