Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Detoxing Life

So as part of my regular detox, I've decided to detox my life as other words, get rid of not only foreign, processed materials that may enter my body, but my brain, heart and soul as well. 

Just recently I decided after much strain and conflict, to resign from one of the major Projects I've been working on for years...that was a huge weight gone off of my shoulders immediately.  No need to stress over something you have no control of.  Just gracefully decide not to take anymore abuse and know when to walk...that's what I did.

I have other ventures that are going swimmingly both performance and producer-wise...and the aforementioned resignation has helped me balance my life a little more. 

The detox body-wise, is the attempt to clean my eating up a bit more.  I've cut the dairy and added lemon juice & hot water in the morning.  So far today I've had 1/2 of a grapefruit with the hot water & lemon and some dried mango with tea.  I've now got to figure out what's for lunch.

Work-outs include 20 minutes of Guerrilla Cardio, and the exciting addition of KettleBells into my I'm taking a dance class once a week at night on top of my daily lunch work-outs. 

Something lovely about my lunch work-outs is the fact that I have had a gym buddy for the past 3 months.  She's a good friend and it's been like therapy to get together, burn calories and chat about your day to's also been crucial when days are bad or frustrating to have someone to vent to.  Plus when you're hurting emotionally, the "pain" from the work-out cancels out everything's scientifically proven that your brain can only recognize one form of pain in the body at a time, including mental versus physical.  So stressed, angry and/or hurting...go to the's the best way to fight off those frustrations.

AND there's just something about having a regularly scheduled gym makes you go to the gym even when you don't feel like it...hello accountability. 

So you can see that my detox is well underway with everything from nutrition and fitness, to mental health for both mind and soul.

What's your therapy?

Have a great day,

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