Monday, March 7, 2011

The Rant

Eat Clean...check
On Path to a healthy lifestyle...check
Stay on Path...GOD I hope so!!!

You'd think that the thought of performing practically half-naked infront of crowds & crowds of people would be motivation enough for anyone to get their butts to stay on a healthy regiment of diet and exercise. Right?  Hmmm...It currently doesn't seem to scare me half as much as it should...I just can't seem to stay motivated.  I find myself always neglecting my health when it gets really busy in my life.  For projects picking up, more being added everyday, my mom in the hospital (poor mom has heart and diabetes problems), boy "issues", roommate "issues", money "issues"...boy that's alot of issues.  And unfortunately, these "issues" seem to affect my my mindset of staying healthy and determined to work-out.  I've got to get it together.  I know, breathe and take it on day at a time, but I tell ya, I've been pretty slothful lately and the scale, nor do pictures, lie.  Ok.  So, here I go again.  Back to re-re-committing myself to my healthy, clean, gluten-free eating and to getting myself moving (ie. getting my butt to the gym).  Time to take control...heck I control everything else in my life, you'd think I could manage something as simple as what I put in my mouth or if I walk myself over to the gym and climb onto the treadmill.  That sounds rather basic and doable... right? SO WHAT THE HECK'S MY PROBLEM!!! 

Now for some self love (not that kind...gutter people).

I will take care of myself, I will love myself, I will make sure to put good things into my body and keep the bad to the minimum.  Sounds like a plan! Now to stick with it.

Hope you're doing well on whatever endeavors you're on.

Have a great day,

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Rachel said...

Thank you for your frank expression of the difficult balance of demanding career and health. I am a student musician in college with a husband and daughter. Your blog is encouraging.