Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Water Shedding

4.5 lbs. down in two days!  Yep, we have water weight kids...and we're happily getting rid of that empty poundage.  Did you know that every 1 pound of weight you carry = 4 pounds of impact on your joints?  My plan is to lose as much water weight in 7 days as I can to saves my joints some serious issues.  10 lbs. of water weight gone = 40 lbs. of impact I can really hit my hardcore work-outs with a little more "ease" least joint-wise.

The "Making the Cut" plan is not for the faint of heart or fitness challenged.  You have to pass Jillian's fitness test in the book before you can even start the program.  I've had this book for over a year now, and have just now gotten to level of fitness where I believe I can do the whole 30 days.

I've tried so many different diet and exercise programs in my lifetime.  Read hundreds of books on the subject that I should receive an honorary doctorate from Fitness U.  And the one thing I've learned from all of it is this:  Clean healthy eating, some moderate treats, and constantly changing up your activities (shock the body) is the way to see continuous results.  However, your mental mindset is the number one key to unlocking it all.  Not only do you need to push through and persevere, but you also need to reaffirm your dedication to the project rather often.  For me, it takes a new book or fitness regiment to keep me going.  I need to read or re-read certain books to reset the brain and get me into the groove again.  This time it's Jillian's "Making the Cut"...a book that I'm finally ready for in my life.  I'm at the point where I have my last 20 lbs. to lose to reach my goal weight and I'm so excited that I can already see the victory.  I see myself in bikini, running on the beach, swimming in the waves, soaking in the sun (with serious sunblock of course).  I see myself taking a tropical vacation and happily showing off my new hot bod.  I see myself on stage in my gorgeous, barely there costumes strutting my stuff confidently.  I see the best me I can be...and I see the way to continuing that lean, healthy body for the rest of my life.  I know how to's just the final goal that's always alluded me.  But no more, the time is at hand, and I will achieve my heart's desire to be fit and healthy!  It's been a long road, but I'm finally on the last leg of this goal's journey, with new goals to be set and achieved.  I can't wait to see what I can accomplish.  What new fitness levels and heights I can reach.  There's so much capability when it comes to the human body and I want to understand how far I can take it.  Can you tell I'm excited here people?

Alright, onward and upward.

Have a great and productive day.


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Lazy Girl said...

Good Lord, I had no idea that the lbs put that much pressure on your joints. I most certainly FEEL the poundage on my joints but didn't know there was an actual explanation behind it.

Your blog entries and weight loss are inspiring. I've reached a point where I've Yo-Yo dieted so much that my body is all kinds of bent outta shape.

Would love to check this diet out that you're talking about because I'm way overdue for a change.

~La Toya (commenting from my book blog alias)