Thursday, October 9, 2008

Not Dead Yet. we're currently in "Hell Week" at Dicapo, I'm there as their Wardrobe Head Mistress for Turandot...hey I'm somebody's (Turandot is an amazing show by the way, very impressive how a scaled down version can still be so powerful...the leads are amazing and the sound that the chorus is making is awesome. I definately reccomend seeing it if you have the chance, not to mention that it's a visually gorgeous show!)

Anywho, you know my schedule, up before from 7:30am-4:30pm and then go to the theatre from 5pm-11pm or Midnight...on my "off" nights I go to my rehearsals for "Martha" an operetta being done at The Liederkranz. Surprisingly I'm surviving...tired? yes, but doing alright considering. I am eating really well now and taking my vitamins, which makes me proud, because usually under such stress I cave to stress-triggered eating. When I'm extremely tired and stressed I usually lose my appetite, but want to eat junk food as a comfort (drug of choice) to the situation, not to mention it's quick and easy with such a schedule as mine. This time however, I'm making a concentrated effort to eat well and avoid the junk, which has kept me energized and kept me from catching everyone else's colds I believe. I'm going for walks at lunch time and enjoying the fall weather up here and eventually, once things calm down a bit I'll join a gym. I'm starting to want to work-out again...I miss the strength it gives me, especially in my core...nothing like having a strong core, you feel almost invincible.

Within the last two weeks, I've lost 5 1/2 lbs. just from sensible eating and running around like a chicken. And the extra $$$ I'm earning at Dicapo has afforded me the extra means in which to eat better and more often...sad but's expensive to eat in this city and with the schedule I keep it's almost impossible to cook at home currently.

My home life is another matter, that's where the neglect really shows. I'm lucky I have alot of clothes, because the laundry is piling up and my kitties are being very vocal with me! Thankfully, my cousin Philip helps with feeding them when Carmine and I can't make it home in time from late rehearsals...and Carmine even offered to drop off & pick-up my dry-cleaning, shoe repairs, and laundry...I've just got to be home long enough to gather it up in order to take him up on such a kind offer. He's such a sweetheart and really gets my crazy life as his is just about as crazy...however he's fortunate enough to make his living primarily in the arts and doesn't have to hold down a day job like me. He's been such a positive influence in my life: Not only is he a great friend, but he's a great vocal coach, a wonderful Italian language teacher, an all-around awesome person, and my kitties LOVE him...I really lucked out when he came into my life :) His mom even commented on how good my Italian is getting when she came to see our performance of Don Giovanni...hehe.

So as you can see, I'm not dead yet and I think I'm gonna be ok. I'm also really excited about this weekend's upcoming events. Friday night is the opening night of Turnadot at Dicapo Opera, and I've even been invited to attend the Opening Night Gala at the Asian Society. I believe I'll where my cute little green Chinese silk dress that I bought in Beijing a couple of years ago. I'm also excited by the prospect of a 3 day weekend...yep, we're off for Columbus Day at my company, God Bless the Italians! This means I'm actually gonna get some much needed rest, and maybe even some much need fall cleaning around the house.

There's the update for the week thus far. Have a great day!

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