Thursday, October 2, 2008

BFL Day 2

Generally people do well the first few days of a program because they're so gung-ho about the plan, but I've decided to take the "babystep", "ease into it" approach. I'm generally ingesting something every 2-3 hours (I won't say actually eat) anyways and it's pretty much on the higher protein side, so now to ease back into the work-outs...somehow!

I went to my voice lesson directly after work yesterday and then I was supposed to meet up with my friend to go to her apartment to work-out and take our "before" photos (ugh). However, I got to my voice lesson, exhausted as usual, and my teacher gave me a lengthy lecture on how I need to be taking better care of myself. She knows that I watch what I eat, and that I try to exercise, but her concern is my constant fatigue. She said, "there's tired, and I have many students that hold full-time day jobs and pursue a singing career, and then there's you...always exhausted beyond tired..." She then made me promise to go for a check-up with my doctor to make sure I'm not "sick" with something and if that's not it, then to drop one of the many things I'm doing. I personally just think I need more sleep...I can't ever get enough, and sadly it looks as if I'm measuring about 6 hours tops per night. I know I'm not a teenager anymore and that this is a common complaint in my blog, but how does one find time to get more sleep when they go to work at 6:30am in the morning and don't get home until 11ish every night after rehearsals, performances, and events? I would love to drop instantly off to sleep after I get home, but first I must feed the cats, wash my face, and get prepared for the next day (which is better, because it allows me to unwind and sleep a few more minutes in the morning) then it's midnight and I know that I'll only be getting another 6 hours and then start the cycle all over again. And where do I fit in the work-outs? I used to go at lunch, but my gym membership has expired and due to my job transitioning I haven't renewed it...the problem there is that I don't know where I'm going to be in the next few weeks, but once that's settled I can remedy that. However, I don't know if the new employer will let me take lunch...I know it's "law" but alot of them frown on you actually taking a lunch hour and I usually run over in time with my work-outs and the clean-up afterwards. If I stay here at my current job, I'll have more freedom, but alot less money, and I'm currently drowning I have to find a better paying job. I took the long way around to say that I didn't go to my friend's place last night and work-out...instead I went home, took a shower and went to bed by 10pm...thus I got about 8 hours last night, and I feel a bit better. Still tired, and for some reason I'm achy like I did work-out but at least I got more sleep. Perhaps my body's coming down with something, everyone around me has a cold currently. So I'll keep popping my vitamins, washing my hands, and try to continue to get more sleep, but again where do I get my work-outs in? I've got rehearsal tonight, so I won't be home until 11ish again (another reason I went home and crashed last night)...I don't know if I have the strength anyways, stairs get harder and harder everyday...I'm serious about feeling like I've been working-out (sore and fatigued) without doing the work. Perhaps its the stress of the new job hunt (especially since the one I got fell through) However my teacher says that I've been exhausted for the past 4 months...I told her that I feel fine, just a bit tired, but she thinks I'm just getting used to feeling crappy all the Honestly I feel fine...I feel strong and energetic, just a bit tired and groggy in the mornings and after work. And she does see me directly after work every week!

So the plan:

Continue to eat healthy and take my vitamins, do my best to get more sleep, go for a check-up with my doctor, settle the new job hunt within the next month and try to get in lunch time work-outs even if it's a quick walk through the East Village.

Food Blog for today: (very bad so far)

8am: 16oz. Decaf Coffee w/sweet & low + 1/2 & 1/2

10am: 16oz. Decaf Coffee w/sweet & low + 1/2 & 1/2
(no this is not a typo, I did have the same thing twice)

12pm: Grilled chicken parm w/steamed green mixed veggies

3pm: Chai Latte w/skim milk, splenda & cinnamon

5pm: Bison burger patty w/steamed string beans

8pm: Bacon Cheddar Omelet w/mixed green salad & balsamic vinagrette + decaf coffee w/sweet & low and 1/2 & 1/2

Sorry about the previous ramble above, but I feel a little better and a bit more focused.

Have a great day!


dietbook said...

Oh, Bex, Bex, Bex...

I wish I had some answers for you. You sound an awful lot like I did when I was working two jobs and running all the time, and I remember how that felt. Pretty crappy, to be honest.

But I have to agree with your teacher; I'm worried. It sounds like your body is sending you some serious warning signs that it needs a break. The aches, the fatigue - and it really is possible to just get used to feeling bad, and you don't even know it until you fix things and realize how bad it really was.

So okay. You absolutely can't cut out your job, you have to have that to survive. You could cut out performing, but I mean, that's pretty essential to your happiness, so that's not really expendable. What can you cut out?

I'm afraid that for a little while, at least, the answer is the workouts. I know how essential exercise is to feeling good, but too much is too much and it is not going to make you healthier if it's just too much stress for your body.

Maybe the best thing for now is to not worry at all about exercise, and to just eat as well as possible without worrying about if it's the "right" stuff. On evenings when you have time, exercise - walk, bike, do some strength training, (or yoga, yoga is great) - but don't make it a "must". (You should go read MizFit's post on Must-urbation.)

I guess what I'm trying to say is that you have so much going on, maybe you need a little time to just focus on caring for yourself, to reduce as much stress as possible.

And again, check your calories and be sure you're getting enough, because you've got to fuel that never-resting machine! :-)

So now I'll exit CyberMom mode (I nag because I care!) and just say I hope that you feel better and get some rest this weekend. Hugs!


MizFit said...

I totally agree with dietbook. *I* would focus on eating AWESOMELY only for fuel and let the diet notion go for a while.

do what you can as this is not how your life will be forever---it's a short term thing.

and I COMPLETELY GET IT as with my Toddler my life is hectic and Im rarely able to fit in a workout these days and found that by LETTING IT ALL GO (mentally I mean) I feel far better.

let me know if Im making no sense.

xo xo,


fortissimezzo said...

I'm gonna go with the other 2 girls. When I was living up there, workouts went by the wayside. All the walking I did through the city made up for it. All those subway stairs? Are you kidding? I had never been in better shape.

Living in NYC takes so much time with commuting. I was amazed how much time I spent on the damn subway. Now that I'm back in "regular" America with my car, I complain when I have to drive more than 15 minutes! My how perspectives change!

All that to say, eat healthily. Your body is moving enough to burn those calories. You must eat or you will be burnt out physically.

I would suggest going to the doctor to get full bloodwork done to see where you might be deficient. I had issues with Iron a while back and was put on some meds for it and my energy came back. It was only short term, and when my body replenished, I was good to go (during grad school, working 2 jobs and performing), so I know how it is.

check out Dr. Asa Andrew at I have his book and it's really great. If you don't have time to look at it or get it, when I get home later, I'll get the list of things to check for in the blood.

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