Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Body for Life

I'm starting a new challenge with a friend of mine. She seemed so lost and desperate for help, so I agreed to do the Body-for-Life challenge with her. For the next 3 months I'm accountable to her and myself to eat 5-6 healthy meals/snacks a day and work-out 6 days a week, while drinking ample amounts of water and taking my vitamins & supplements. Heh...I'm already tired just typing it up. The good thing is that this was the first program I ever did (10 years ago) that got me on my weight loss way, and I know that it's sound and that it works. I lost the first 30 lbs. on this program years ago, so maybe I'll lose my last 20-30 on it as well. I do have fond memories of it fact it was because of the BFL program that I learned how to work-out, use weights and eat was actually just what I needed at that point in my life, and maybe it is again. Funny how things pop up at just the right moment when we need them the most.

To keep my progress on the straight and narrow, I'll be blogging it here:

Day 1 Wk 1 BFL Challenge

8am: 16oz. Decaf coffee w/sweet & low + 1/2 & 1/2
10am: 20 Raw almonds w/10oz Diet Dr. Pepper
12pm: Bowl of black beans & 2 Turkey Sausage links & 1/2 a pickle
3pm: Only managed to drink 1/2 a Diet Pepsi
5pm: Cold chicken breast & a pickle
9pm: Handful of cashew nuts (unsalted)

Not the best so far, but not terrible...and I did take my vitamins with lunch. I've got to go grocery shopping to really get some good foods into my meals.

As for exercise, my friend and I have made plans to meet after work and take our before pics and then work-out together. I'm game for anything, I just need to get my butt moving! By New Years, we'll be in tip top form...assuming we can keep it going...wish us luck.

Have a great day!


Shauna said...

:) oooh BFL! good luck comrade, hope it goes well.

i did this last year - did ALL the workouts but struggled with eating 6 times a day, mine was more like 5... felt fab by the end of it! :)

MizFit said...

I really like BFL and Bill Phillips.
as with all things there are snippets I CHOOSE TO IGNORE---but on the whole its good solid advice/plan.

you gonna blog as you go?

Cory Drake said...

Body For Life...I remember it well. So much to say...

fortissimezzo said...

I've had several friends do this and it works if you actually follow the plan.

Due to food allergies, I follow his eating pretty closely anyway and I have no problem with my weight.

Do it girl!