Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Breathing Room

I'm finally back from tour, Turandot has ended and now I can concentrate on Martha, Die Fledermaus, The Telephone, and Rigoletto...whew. Believe it or not, I feel that I have a little more time now that I'm not at the theatre every night...or at least not that particular theatre...lol...now I just have to be at the Liederkranz for rehearsals, and it's nice not to have to split my time.

The tour for Turandot was a bit hectic, the cast bus broke down on the way to the first venue, and we had new hair and make-up people thrown in at the last minute, so I was helping with that plus heading-up the wardrobe department...it was a crazy and exhausting experience...I'm still feeling it today. Also, the horrid thing about being on the road and traveling at night is the lack of food choices...you've got McDonalds or McDonalds, oh and there's also McDonalds...if I see another McDonalds, I'm going to jab my eyes out with their golden arches and pour salt in the wounds! I ate way to much crap on this trip and couldn't wait to get back home and start eating like a healthy adult again. So here I am, back on the happy and sane eating again and I'm also contemplating adding back in my work-outs. I believe I'll try for a few days of shredding and some lunchtime walks. After I accomplish that for the next couple of weeks, I believe I'll join a gym and make that my lunchtime routine again. That's the plan and I look forward to my cute winter wardrobe. Last winter all my clothes where hanging on me, and so far this year, they're back to fitting, which means that the 10 lbs. I've gained are not just a number on the scale, they're inches around too. The only positive note is that since I've not been doing the hardcore work-outs, my knees have gotten about 80% better and I can go up and down the subway stairs with considerably less pain. I've got to really concentrate on micro-bending my knees and doing low impact cardio...the littlest misstep and I'm back in bad-knee-land. So I have to remember to ease my way back into the exercise and activities and to take my eating choices one moment at a time. I'm ready to get back to a healthier lifestyle and start taking back control. No time like the present :)

Have a great day!


Liz said...

Hey there, I just came across your blog through your comment on MizFit's site and I'm looking forward to checking it out. Have you, by chance, seen the weight-loss blog of another opera singer (one down here in Austin)? Just in case you're interested, it's at:

And no, I'm not affiliated in any way, it just seemed relevant ;). Congrats on surviving your tour!

MizFit said...



Im coming


I have so many friends from college there ive neglected too long!!

mark yer calendar.

MizFit said...


there's all next week to rest up and recover---have fun!