Tuesday, May 4, 2010


So there's a difference between going through the motions and really giving your all. Have you ever just made yourself go to the gym and went through the motions of your same old, same old work-out? I applaud you and myself just for getting there...that's the 1st step, but since we're there...why not really make it count? It's so easy to fall into the comfort of your regular routine...but isn't that so...oh, I don't know...routine? And you wonder why you stopped seeing results months ago...or atleast I did. And so enters the whole "giving it your all" train of thought...or as we shall so lovingly refer to it as "GIYA"...not like mother earth Gaia...but more like your in the rodeo, like a big "YeeHaa" if you will...GIYA!!!!...now you're wrangling cattle! That means, really push it when you're working out...don't skimp on the movements, don't take the easy road...if it were easy, everyone would look like swimsuit / sports models. Seriously, turn it up a notch...keep those abs in and tight, control every movement up/down & in/out, listen to & control your breathing, do explosive movements, get that heart rate up and bring on that puke-y good feeling where you know your practically at your limit.

I'm currently doing Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred again (after being off of that program for about 3 months or so)...and boy she doesn't kid around! And I'm really doing it...there's no taking the beginner version this time...it's all or nothing baby. I've also changed my guerilla cardio up a bit and am now doing faster, explosive intervals, thanks to Dr. Mercola's article, instead of gradated levels of growing hill-like speeds. Whew and I can feel it. The change in my body is so immediate, that even my coworkers have noticed the difference in less than a week. Yes of course I'm eating clean too...and it makes all the difference.

What is eating clean? Well, to me it means, eating lean and healthy...things like organic peanutbutter, eggwhites, lean meats and proteins like chicken breast and turkey, lots of green veggies, especially the dark leafy variety, lots of legumes, some low fat dairy (mmm...greek yogurt), and some good fats. Drinking lots of water and green tea...and avoiding all things chemical and processed. No bread, no gluten, no bad yucky "foods" that mother nature didn't intend on being consumed....sorry, you'll not see fish of any kind listed here, as I am allergic to all kinds :(

It's day 3 of my new GIYA attitude and LORD am I feelin' it! It's at the point where the good sore really hits you when you're trying to sit down, or go down a flight of stairs...eek...burning quads, among other muscles...who new I was so out of shape...lol. So even if you are a regular at the gym (like I am...does 3 days a week count?)...I definitely recommend GIYA!!! Really get in there and make it burn!

Have a great day,

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