Wednesday, January 21, 2009


See what happens when you're being so Smug??? Karma Karma Karma. I haven't worked out once this week, due to a cold I acquired over the weekend. I guess it wasn't a smart idea to make poor Shauna walk in the cold for so long with me...we both ended up sick. Sorry girl, I hope you're better before your TV appearance. Personally I feel that I'm on the up, even if I don't look so hot at the moment...and it hasn't been bad enough to make me miss work or rehearsals...however, I won't be having a voice lesson tonight...I don't want to take the chance of making my teacher sick and the rest of the studio in turn. Instead I'll just sit here at my desk and grumble and spit vinegar at everyone else around me (lol)...I'm such a nasty person when I don't feel good (or at least nasty for me). I do have to go to a dress rehearsal tonight however, but thankfully it's to do Hair & Make-up and not sing. I have to get better and in good voice soon, for we start Die Fledermaus rehearsals on Jan. 29th...and like I said, I do feel like I'm on the up of that's positive. I guess overall I'm cranky because I'm sooo PMSing and TOM is due today and I know he's a comin'. When it rains, it pours...doesn't it?

I was terribly upset with The Biggest Loser last night...I felt Joelle deserved to go home (although her partner Karla deserves to come back). Joelle is full of crap "positive" sayings, but she's just that, a talker, not a do-er...nothing but excuses...blah, blah, blah...I say, shut up and just do it...gah! See I told you I was cranky.

Speaking on the BL related things, has anyone else purchased Jillian Michaels book "Making the Cut" ? Shauna (aka Diet Girl) and I were both talking about how we've both purchased it, but neither have yet to do it...and we mentioned that once she was back in the UK, that we might just attempt to do it and share you hear that Shauna...I think that sounds like a challenge girl! Anybody else looking to join in? Hmmm? It's pretty hardcore, if I remember right. I guess the first priority is to read the book again and then plan for the next 30 days with the book as a guide, and then, well,... do it. Don't worry, I'll let you know when the starting date will be.

Ok...I guess I've been rambling, but I'm under serious hormonal & physical distress at the moment...tends to cloud one's judgement. That said, have a great day...and if you're not having one, then look forward to the fact that it will get better.


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MizFit said...

checking in on you...hope you are on the mend by now.

that cold has knocked everyone OUT!

love and chickensoup,